The Borneo Post spotted new look

First of all, congratulations to the Layout and Graphic department of the Borneo Post, for finally being able to create the kind of newspaper-look that I have been waiting for. At least for a local media. All I can say is WOW! It is definitely a better paper today. The readablity is definitely there.

Better layout, color separation looks good, but unwelcomed sick stories shouldn’t be there.. not on the first day of a new look. And this sick story also shouldn’t be on page 9 (heii.. the number 9 is a good number!)

Finally, I hope the editorial team over at the Eastern Times to follow with the trend. Err.. both web and print!

5 thoughts on “The Borneo Post spotted new look”

  1. The new look started yesterday I suppose. Well Eastern Times – won’t bother to do have an online present.

    I was surprised when told by a friend of mine, who said The Star online ads is now accounted for nearly 1/3 of their ads income. No wonder they have more online content now.

    We all know Malaysiakini is making million annually – nothing but online.

    The longer the other papers switching their content online – the better. Let’s give it all to the Star. Hehehee..

  2. taib=big monster, asfia=bias unqualified speaker, chan=kaki bodek, jabu=kaki tumpang + kaki ampu, awang tengah=crybaby minister, masing=pirate of sarawak (considering his role in NCR land issue)..

  3. Congrats Borneo Post 4 d changes made. As I work outside of Sarawak, I don’t have Borneo Post in hand but I still read the online news. The online news sometimes are mixed news of old and new. At times I get to read the old news. I hope the editorial team can do something about it.

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