Why TV3 can’t get this on Buletin Utama?

If this road is located in ulu Pahang, I am very very sure it will appear on prime time news. But, unfortunately, it is located in rural Sarawak, where TV camera needs a written application and “permit” to enter Sarawak.

Again, today, the local media highlight this issue, and again, we get them same respond from Dato Jacon Sagan, and it makes me wonder, if, ever the Federal Government listen to the plight of the Orang Ulu, who is represented by Dato Jacob.

Or, probably the method use is still not effective.

Despite the call for the rakyat to be patient (what else can they do anyway, but to pray and hope), almost nothing have been done to that road since 20 years ago. Excuse me, the minor maintenance is nothing compared to the amount of revenue generated from the economic activities there. While we keep reading the annual audited account of public listed companies, the reality remains the same.

Now, comes another big development program – the building of a new hydroelectric dam in Ulu Baram, the people is being asked to be ready for the development tsunami. How to be ready? Isn’t that was mentioned when the government decided (without the rakyat knowing it earlier due to confidentiality and in the end the rakyat are look upon as fabricating lies) to build the Batang Ai Dam. And, after decades, and if we look at what Lubok Antu is today, is that considered to be a developed bazaar? The picture was painted perfectly but the deliveries wasn’t and the outcome is what it is today.

With all that, we hope the State Planning Unit will derived a better implementation program to physically, economically, and mentally upgrade the wellbeing of the rakyat in Lubok Antu and the other 12 identified sites of the new dams over the thirty years period.

I may not be able to gain from it, but my children will.. and we hope we are still one nation (by then).

3 thoughts on “Why TV3 can’t get this on Buletin Utama?”

  1. TV3 diatuk ukai media masa ka bebas agik…diatuk charita ia ari jam 8-9 khas ngemansut ka pengenyai parti Pakatan ba P. Pinang, Kedah, Perak & Selangor…anang asoh bala anak kitai meda berita ba TV3 …ngeracun untak sida ia ila….Tv1 better gik…at least bisi science sereta utai nyadi ba dunya bukai…TV3 enti enda Palestin ..Iraq…..

  2. Nyebut pasal jalai.. enggi kami ditu lebih teruk agik. Dah berapa tahun kami di menoa kapit nganti jalai alun ari Sibu besambung ka Kapit. Ke ingat aku bisi lima tauka enam kali kami orang kapit rauh rauh nyabut merdeka maia 31st August. Tang bala kaban kitai orang kapit befikir panjai meh kitai meh kitai. Merdeka kitai kitai ti berapa tahun nganti jalai rembus ari Sibu agai Kapit. Ti bak federal ukai main agi menteri madah ka menoa kitai di malaysia udah semua besambung magang jalai alun nyenkaum kitai di sabah sarawak. Amat ka enda nya?? Kemaia Menteri luar bandar kala ka kapit. Ia semina ninga tusai pemesai ka ngari ka menoa kitai. Nya meh peneka orang dagang niki ka rega barang laban nadai endor kitai milih nadai jalai alun ka sibu. Ngena express berapa gak tambang…Barang sapa kitai ke ari kapit bisi maca tu..bela bela meh kitai nyalak pemesai kitai awak ka jalai alun tau tembu jampat..

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