The useful role of blogs

I would like to thank Ace Si Si and Audie Chua for highlight my blog in the Over a Cup of Kopi O column of the Sunday Post on 20th July 2008. You may download the full scanned article (in JPEG format).

I hope to contribute more towards the community through the blog.

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4 thoughts on “The useful role of blogs”

  1. UPB, just click on the link and a new window will open. Do a right-click and choose Save As form the drop down menu.

  2. congrats!! you are now featured nationwide. :)

    touching on the ncr issues, i have a vcd here entitled ‘what rainforest?’ that might interest you. i got it during the recent rwmf and was asked to confiscate it when it was randomly distributed during the last day of rwmf.

    no worries, it is permitted to make a duplicate copy of the dvd and if you are keen, do give me a buzz ya. :)

  3. Its my pleasure my friend.By the way just for your information my wife is a dayak.Though Im in the BN i cannot stand for injustice.I believe in the rights of the people and good governance and also fair reporting.lets exchange links.Keep up the good work.

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