Political benak, probably

Pehin Sri Taib, yes I agree with you today! hahahaa.. with the current soap opera politics among UMNO, PAS and PKR politicians, there won’t be a political tsunami during the next Sarawak State Election.

If only Pehin Sri can lead us to an independent nation, it will be the best present to the people of Sarawak, who have rally behind him for the past 45 years. Who in Malaysia is capable to lead 30 or more ethnic group? Proven today are the ethnic leaders with Pehin Sri as the CM. Like it or not, these leaders have unite us in Sarawak.

Even the big boys in UMNO, MCA, Gerakan, PAS or PKR do not even have that ability or experience. See what happen to them today!

2 thoughts on “Political benak, probably”

  1. I don think we need UMNO, MCA, PAS or PKR to lead our state. We’re capable of looking after ourselves. Our leaders may be sometimes selfish, but it is still better than depending on other people to take care of us. Look at our neighbouring state of Sabah. There is not much change in the development even after UMNO entered the state. This is because every decision is made by the President who knows very little about the state. I don think they are honest enough really wanting to take care of the state. So lets us all reflect on this deeply because any decision that we make today will affect tomorrows generation

  2. Aku pun setuju kitai ngibun diri lalu nyaga diri tang dikemata ke sida perintah besai.Tang bisi utai ke enda disetuju ke aku lalu dipelaba ke maioh orang bukai. Minta perintah Sarawak anang ngerampas tanah rakyat (NCR). Enti deka ngemansang ke tanah NCR minta ator enggau manah. Kitai diatu nanya diri, Dini alai pemansang lalu sapa kebempu enggau nerima pemansang? We want all Sarawakians at least are having equal fair share of developments especially for those in rural areas. We in rural areas wish to have better income,good roads, good education. But after 45 years of independent we in rural areas are still living in poverty, most of us do not enjoy good road, we not have enough money to send our children to University. We even have not enough money to pay for our daily needs.

    What we want is for our State Government to do something (betul betul, bukan cakap sahaja)to make good plans and implement such plans effectively and efficiently especially to help those rural poor or even urban poor. After 45 years independent we want to have decent living for all Malaysians especially those poor Sarawakians. We wish to have fair treatment, justice and peace at all times.

    I also support those in authority now to be there as long as they want but, please do something fair and just bukan selalu untuk sendiri atau kawan kawan sahaja. Everyone os us wish to have good life for ourselves and family but be considerate with our neighbours as well. Great Lord will see what we do here on earth!

    If we go to heaven let us go there together and if we go to hell let go together as well. It is not nice to go to hell or heaven alone otherwise too lonely.

    Thank you.

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