Invite Pak Lah too

The Federal government should stop the politicking and get down to earth and start fulfilling their election promises. I believe the invitation to see how are the Bakong-Long Lapok-Long Lama road conditions look like, should be extend to the Prime Minister too.

The Ministry of Works should take into consideration that the road is being used to transport heavy load of timber, timber, timber, oil palm, oil palm and lots of timber and oil palm. Hence, I believe it is necessary to emphasize on that.

Jangan buat jalan yang nipis dan sesuai untuk kenderaan ringan saja. Make it an exclusive road for the timber companies and oil palm plantations. They are the ones who uses and continuously destroying (with their heavy load) it later on.

2 thoughts on “Invite Pak Lah too”

  1. Agree with you on this. Kinda wondering why years after years in BN we still have this kind of road. Perhaps it’s time for change.

    Couple of days ago – there were news of Bakun folks being evicted and their houses demolished – on their own ancestral land? Have you heard the “new datuk” Billy come out to help. No. Anything from Masing. Nothing!

    Mind you these folks have been faithfully helping Billy to remain in his seat for the last 20 plus years. What he gave them in return.

    Aiyoo – tolong saya dapat biasiswa – I saw one of your commentator said.C’mon – even without Billy help you can get that.

    BTW I stole your photo. Don’t call your lawyer yet, check it here –

  2. sarawak should quit malaysia if malaya dont give us 50% oil royalty of our own oil.After more than 40 years, it is sad to see our development especially in rural areas. All our wealth goes to them, just like as if we are dijajah. Furthermore, we are losing more and more professional grads due to their political environment and unfairness.We should follow what singapore did, build our own country.Be a free and fair country for all religions and races.and this is what we call Human’s Rights.

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