What if BN offer the post of DPM to an Iban?

YB, there is nothing wrong of an Iban being the Deputy Prime Minister. I believe the Dayaks are able to shoulder that responsibility. What if the BN offer the post to a Dayak today, would it be just another ‘under the moon dream‘ issue?

Just because we are in BN, doesn’t mean it is impossible for other Dayaks who are not in BN to be the DPM.

What about the promises that BN candidates gave during elections (one election after another election?) Where can we see the status of those promises? We just hope this is not going to be another press statement and public speeches.

Press statements and public speeches goes no where when there is no follow-up to the relevant agencies. Otherwise, it is also considered as ‘under the moon election campaign promises’.

Given the chances, any Dayak can be an asset to its community. Not all those who do not agree with BN are stupid and unable. And not all who voice out like me are against the government.

YB, we take you and the rest of the Dayak BN reps, to the ground and do your homework (recall your election speeches and start writing those letters to the relevant ministries). Where possible make public those letters that you have wrote and sent, so that we know that you have done what is needed to be done.

Where are the bridges, feeder roads, etc etc etc.. (the list is too long to list out here, and it only makes us looks bad).

6 thoughts on “What if BN offer the post of DPM to an Iban?”

  1. Any Tom, Dick and Harry who becomes a politician can promise anything under the moon. We’ve seen so many instances of these happen thru’out 45 years of independence. Ba jaku Iban tau disemaka baka kepayang ngadaka dilah. Perati manah-manahka pemansang menua Sarawak lalu bandingka enggau menua bukai di Malaysia kelebih agi menua ba Semenanjung. Peda ari sekeda sukut aja: pemansang jalai raya,sekula, letrik enggau ai.

  2. I wish that 1 day there will be no more racist political party like what we have now. Im sick and tired listening to UMNO, MCA, PAS and etc fight for their own ideology instead of listening to the rakyat as a whole. How long do you think we can stay like this? UMNO will never let other races to take over the top 2 positions in this country. SO… STOP DREAMING OF IT! OK… so what about the opposition? PKR? ROCKET? PAS… no way! They will only contribute to political chaos. Sarawak should have join Singapore when they quited Malaysia 40 years ago.Now i have my own future planning, once i gt my Bachelor in Accountancy, i will pack up my stuff and move to Australia to free myself from Malaysia’s uncertain future.. MALAYSIA = RACISM + NO Freedom in Religion
    Bumiputera = malay + 3rd class Bumiputera

  3. Dayak nyadi DPM? Not possible for the next 20 yrs. Before dreaming of DPM position, it is more practical to aim for Dayak CM first. If we cannot even take the lead in our own state, then we are not qualified. Full stop.

    Much as I myself disagree with racialist political parties, I still think that our first step to political strength comes back to the basic old saying “Unity is strength”.

    The Dayak was once 85% united under the old Snap – which was malti racial, but yet was successfull in uniting the Dayaks.

    Then came the splinter “Party Belaya Diri Sabilek” – which I think really believed in attempting to unit the Dayaks, but was unsuccessfull due to their failed strategy , or more precisely, being out played by the more “smart” Rahman Dynasty. Anyway, that’s now history. The remaining Dayak Parties now – nya chebik iya aja, senang agi orang ka ngenyak….Sida ke ngenan diri dia is fighting for their own political survival – by making use of pseudo Dayakism.

    What is our future option?
    1.Stick to and give faith and hope to SPDP and PRS – in my opinion, if they remain in BN – the answer is sorry – NOOO. If they merge and be independent – may be. We can give them 5 year’s chance. Since they are not likely to do that – well, 45 years of bad deals is more than enough. I do not think any thing can be worse. That means any thing else can only be better.

    2. Look for Sarawak Pairin??
    There may be individuals who has the educational qualification, the good intention, and leadership quality, but the big stumbling block is Finance. Time has changed, and it is hard to look for financer the like of James Wong, Wee Hood Teck etc. This is part of the reasons why the curent Sarawak Opposition Parties fail. We do not want to fail- do we?

    3. Align or merge with well established existing Political Party and call all Dayaks to unite under this new umbrella. Resistant will be very strong from members of the BN Components… but with the current political climate, this is the optimium hour for the Dayak to make the long awaited change.

    Are we not tired of this BUBAN Dynasty – for all we know, Sulaiman Taib will be the next Cm, and some convert from 2nd Division will be the next Governor.

    We should raise our heads from our self imposed slumbers and join hands to seize the available opportunity currently infront of us.

    Let us initiate History

  4. Diatu orang ari ulu ari ili bejaku pasal bansa diri. Iban laban ke enda berani semina diau enda engkeretik. Enti sema Iban empu deka bejaku pasal pekara ti besangkut-paut enggau Iban orang Iban empu ga nganu madahka iya nya ‘racialist’. Sigi baka amat kitai enda ngembuan Malayan Banking tang kitai sigi bingking enggau pangan diri. Nakaka diatu sekeda bala Iban semina rangap-rangap meda orang beambi-ulih ngagai bansa sida. Bala Iban semina temegah laban bisi tuai bansa Iban tang sida ukai wakil Iban tang wakil semua bansa. Pia mih kitai nyangka nya ke diajar aki ini sida.

  5. nadai utai ke enda nyadi enti Iban jadi CM Sarawak. Kapa enda Ia ka buban nya puas merintah dulu..ila ia udah sepuloh tahun ila bisi meh nembiak kitai Iban angkat. Diatu kerja kitai ngemansang bala nembiak Iban masuk Universiti lalu graduate awkka kitai ulih majak kering penemu lalu enda mudah dialah ka bansa bukai. Ngena penemu kitai ulih nyadi CM. Enti suba kitai Iban dikelakar bansa orang awkka kerusi CM ke dipegai Iban maya nya dienjuk ngagai bansa sida buban tang ila nunda ka hukum karma tau bebalas baru..sama sama kitai start ari diatu berserakup enti ka mulai ka kerusi CM ngagai Iban…”Let’s We Change” Aram berubah….Enti ukai kitai sapa agi,enti ukai diatu kemaya? Aram meh semua

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