Ex-UiTM Reunion Dinner: Reviving those were the days

Congratulations to the organising committee under the leadership of Mr. Stephen Dinggai who have successfully organise the ex-UiTM Dayak students reunion dinner at Imperial Hotel last night. Here are some of the shots that I ave taken. Caption in small print.

Our MC – Campbell Apau, did a great job and had made the function lively. Thumbs up brother! We should start selling him for other Iban-based function in the future.

Mr. and Mrs. Madang Dimbab and Mr. and Mrs. Basil Thomas.

The successful corporate guys, from left, Kristofer Nyuak, Gerald and Madang.

We have our own team of Poco Poco girls too.

The Poco Poco dance.

I am not sure what was Andrew Bukoh trying to say here hehehehee.. Seen here are Dali Merawing, Pasang Muli (back in white).

Mdm. Noel (Mrs. Silas) and Mdm. Molly (Mrs. Richard)

Kubu Jenggi (front right) with the seniors (back during the ITM days)

Please remind me of their names..

Lawrence Kamarau and family.

Kadir Dato (in batik) with Peter Abon, Jerry Jok and (meri nama unggal tu).

Henry Ngindang on the floor with Austin Demang and Betty Pan looking on.

Some didn’t make it.

This familiar laugh only happens after the result envelope is being open. Last night Edwin had it again, but time time for a different tempo.

Our junior girls with Helen (partly hidden).

Genam presenting the lucky draw to Silas, watched by George Stanley.

Bremas and Ewin Gara.

John Jali (in blue, right).

A toast for the successful dinner function. Bravo!!

After the dinner (lobby shots) …

Amanda Apau and a friend.

Lidam and the guys.

Kristofer Nyuak (one of the main sponsor) and Stephen Dinggai.

A job well done and see you guys again in Bintulu under the chairmanship of Peter Abon next year! If I missed any names, please let me know so that I can update the captions.

4 thoughts on “Ex-UiTM Reunion Dinner: Reviving those were the days”

  1. Uchukeling,

    Ukai harrison para ke nyua ka prize ngagai
    silas nya. Mr Genam nya bah. kah……


  2. I was very happy to meet some of my ex uitm friends whom I never met for the past 19years (since 1988)and please tell the others who might missed the opportunity to get together during our last dinner to come to Bintulu next year.

    Thank you very much brother James for your snapshots and especially to you all in Miri for your hard effort in organizing the dinner successfully.

    The guy in middle (in between Christopher & myself is Mr. Gerald)

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