Miri’s gold mine, a twice yearly affair.

It has been a while since the visit of the Malaysian Deputy Minister of Transport, Datuk Douglas Uggah Embas to Miri, and that was the last time we saw some work done on the sinking portion of this road leading to Miri city. I am not sure which government agency is responsible for the maintenance of our roads in the city, but who ever it is, they sure need to justify for the delivery record accord to them.

Over the weekend, we (again) saw some machineries parked at the sinking stretch and a more serious approach are being done here.


The contractor have started to dig deeper into the sinking part. However, this is still far from the solution on road maintenance or construction that we saw over at National Geography or the Discovery Channel. It would be pleasant to see some piling work to strengthen the soil structure here.

My expectation from this contractor (this time) would be – they will dig deeper – about 1-2 meters deep, pour more stones and gravel, and finally resurface it again.

Give it until Christmas and the next year’s budget to be release, we will see more maintenance work here. Its a gold mine to the contractors (anyway).

What I don’t understand is, why the difficulty of Miri City Council or the Transport Ministry to get assistance from the Geology Dept., or Sarawak Shell Berhad or Petronas Carigali to get soil sample and get the correct solution to that sinking road problem.

What is the effect of the little seismic vibration caused by the vehicles over that portion of the road. Or is it caused by the movement of the earth layer beneath.

We need answers and practical solution! (Nevermind, the increasing number of accident that occurred at that spot).

2 thoughts on “Miri’s gold mine, a twice yearly affair.”

  1. Is there anybody who got balls to report this to ACA? Why can’t the contractor make things right at the first place? Hello….

  2. Sigh. What I can do is just sigh. Come on, make a change at next GE. I am getting sick of it already.

    And oh ya, bring back local election! FAST! AND NOW!

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