Learning it the hard way

WordPress have been a good blogging script for myself. It have the features that I need to put my thoughts into word and to share it with those who have come here.

WordPress have in its Manage option -> Import -> Import/Export WordPress. I do not have problem in exporting my post, etc from this blog. However, the Import function only allows the XML file of 2Mb and below (at least for this server). While my old blog XML files is more that the 2Mb limit, that leaves me little choice.

Hence, for my new blog, I will probably upload the photos via FTP and insert it using the Insert/Edit Image button for my post.

A trial offline (that is on the XAMPP server on my home computer), I am able to Import up to 32Mb of the WordPress WXR file. How do I configure this server to accept an Import of more than 2Mb?

If all failed, it will be a waste of time for all the years, and finally we are not able to “transfer” o import/export ALL our posts!

Here are some practical solutions for my problem.

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