Examination fever is here again

My second son, Charles Gana will be sitting for his UPSR examination for Primary Six students this September. Thanks to the Internet, we have a few website giving free download to UPSR question papers. One of the best is at Portal Pendidikan Utusan question banks, where schools are able to contribute their question papers and other students from other schools can download it for free – and, of course, we get those questions from year 2001 for not being a member!

For the SPM students, the best so far is by Times Guide Sdn. Bhd. With a free registration, Times Guide allows its user to download Questions, Answers and even offer tips for the various subjects.

We also see a lot of advertisement on herbal product that claim to be able to sustain the students’ memory, etc. One of it is the BRAND’S Essence of Chicken. Those days, I remembered most mothers to newborn babies would have this handy. But, today, its a household brand and can be found in a lot of students cabinet.

The website’s description of the product sound like this:

BRAND’S Essence of Chicken
The BRAND’S Essence of Chicken you grew up with is full of wholesome, nourishing goodness. When taken regularly, this all natural health food supplement sustains your health, through all stages of your life.

By increasing your metabolic rate, it helps to relieve fatigue and to restore both your mental alertness and physical energy (within 15 to 30 mins!). It has even been proven to help your body absorb and use vital nutrients like iron. You can be sure of all the benefits you’ve come to expect of BRAND’S Essence of Chicken, and more! Simply put, BRAND’S Essence of Chicken is your trusted friend, “For Mind. For Body. For Life.”

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