Connecting to DeConneXion wireless network

The residents of Miri City are lucky to have a year of free wireless service provided by DeConnexion owned by Danawa Resources Sdn. Bhd. Danawa is the first and only Internet Service Provider in Sarawak to offer ubiquitous Wireless Internet connectivity in the resort city of Miri and later throughout Sarawak.

This tutorial on connecting to DeConneXion was done using Acer Aspire 5572 with preinstalled Intel Proset Wireless software. And, before you begin, please make sure that your wireless adapter is ‘on’ by switching the wireless button as shown below.

The reason why I use Intel Proset application is that it is better than Windows own wireless option. It is far worst if you are using Windows Vista! You need to authorise so many things before you get connected. With Windows XP, its just does its job behind the scene quietly.

Also check that you are within DeConneXion’s wireless hotzone. This can be view on your taskbar at the bottom right hand corner. A green colored icon means you are connected. A yellow icon means you are within some wireless network and a crossed icon means you are not connected or you are not in any wireless network (means no coverage larrr).

Step 1: Double-click on the Intel Proset Wireless icon and you will see the wireless network that is available at your location.

Step 2: Double-click on the deConneXion network.

Step 3: Click the “Connect” button and once successful, open your favourite browser and go to “” and look for the Sign Up link at the bottom of the page.

Too bad today at 1.00 pm the Registration Link is DOWN!

And, we shall continue some other day… please check back!

9 thoughts on “Connecting to DeConneXion wireless network”

  1. correction…d free service will b xtended till 2008. got d info frm Danawa staff… ;)

  2. That’s kwel! However, the service reception is quite poor. At one instant, I have frequent disconnection at Pujut Bus Terminal even with my wireless icon showing full bar.

    The best place in Miri would be at Ming Cafe. Hmm.. I wonders when will it be available in residential areas :D

  3. I tried again this morning within the coverage of 3 deConneXion antenna at Hong Leong Bank, infront of Imperial Mall. 35% of my battery wasted without being connected!

    The announcement on deConnextion login screen says “field trials in progress… sorry you bla bla bla”

    Even though the strength was “good” but still we can’t get connected. What else can I say to the many not so IT-savvy notebook users in Miri!

  4. wa. u miri n sibu guys very lucky lah. connection available. when will it be available to other parts of sarawak? we also want to enjoy the free connection until end of 2008. we also pay tax, ma.deconnexion mesti ada connection dengan itu yb-yb. mana boleh overlook the rest of ur people. don’t divide n rule, ma. we r oso human. mati nanti sama2 masuk tanah. itu lui mana lu bole bawa masuk tanah. naik heaven pun lu jadi berat, lo. he! he! just kidding, tp we oso serious net users.

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