American Idol Season 7: The Auditions


This is great! My favourite show is coming back sooner than I expected – and that’s Season 7!!! Yeeaahhhhhooooo..

Here’s the dates and venues of the coming auditions:

Aug 14, Georgia Dome, ATLANTA
Aug 18, North Charleston Coliseum, CHARLESTON
Aug 22, AmericanAirlines Arena, MIAMI
Aug 27, Wachovia Center, PHILADELPHIA

And, this season, we have an Idol Baby and she is Jamil Labarron Idol McCowan. She was born during the Texas audition, to Antoria Gillon. Antoria manage to did her audition before being admitted to the Medical Center at Lancaster.

A check on Astro website, nothing yet on the program showtime.

| More photos of the Auditions |

6 thoughts on “American Idol Season 7: The Auditions”

  1. American Idol already in Season 7, but Malaysian Idol only 2 seasons. Last seasons was back in 2005! Why ha?

    Simply don’t get it…. Why there’s so many 2nd class reality entertainment shows nowadays? Bring back Malaysian Idol la! Sigh….

    By the way, I love to put comments on your blog… Hehehe…

  2. There are actually 2 idol babies! One was born during the Charleston auditions as well. The baby’s name is Emma. Her dad, Oliver, was auditioning!

  3. yeah!they are back!cant wait to watch them live on air!daughtry is rock!katharine mcphee is so so terific!make my heart melts!

  4. Oh.. I LURVE American Idol except for the one last season… (I missed a lot so I skipped it!).

    For those who wants to catch it, it’s in YouTube, all auditions :)

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