The Little Iban Warrior


I have just received a copy of this book from a friend this afternoon. The price is RM25.00 per piece. Anyone of you who would like to have a copy can contact me at

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  1. Is this the guy who was sent to Thai border after the communists? Emm… the bullet-proof man??

  2. interesting book.we should support his effort.warning: tusah ka badu maca bup tu, the moment you start reading it!i love the part when the sultan challenged him to drink beer & then dived…he saw stars everywhere!

  3. sound funny the part he saw the stars…sori if im wrong..btw,wuts is the language of the book?iban?if so i do need sum1 who is fluent in iban to guide me…btw, im thailand+chinese+iban…

  4. guys,im currently residing in kl…just wondering who is this vernon kedit is?he sounds more like sarawakian or wat?

  5. semua ko free..baka ni k bansa Iban ko maju. Even you entre Public toilet you need to pay.

  6. Hi Guys,

    I am a visitor to this site. We have another exTanjong site shared by mostly the older exTLS of 1957 – 1980. I can’t help adding some comments to what you have made.

    Lt Col (B) Linus Lunsong Janti was my colleague in 3 Rangers when the battalion was in Taiping in 1970/71. He however left to join the Malaysian Commando (Malaysian Special Service Regiment). I wanted to join Linus but was turned down by my Commanding Officer.

    He was one of the best, if not the best Ranger and Commando officer and could easily have been the first Iban General, Sarawak would have ever produced but unfortunately, even in the Army, there are many obstacles, in-fighting and politics that could wear our enthusiasm down. So, sadly, he retired prematurely, the same as yours truly.

    Lt Col (B) Linus has a very colourful career in the Army. What made it more special was, he was a very close personal friend of the feared Sultan of Johor! His book is a good read.

    I am a holder of the nation’s Pingat Gagah Berani (PGB). I am following Linus’s footstep – writing my memoirs. Hopefully I could have it publish by middle of next year.

    Thanks guys for taking the time to read this lengthy comment. You can read my blog at

    Lt Col (Rtd) Robert Rizal Abdullah (Robert Madang) TLS 62 – 67

  7. Hi All,

    I have composed a poetry that has connection with Uchu Keling’s site. It is merely written for entertainment and to tickle our mind. I don’t know where to post it and so here goes. I hope you enjoy it.


    How’d you feel
    when all your life
    you knew only your stream?
    Then one day
    you were face to face
    with the Mighty Rejang River – a dream?

    How’d you feel
    when all your little life
    you knew only your little village?
    Then one day
    you found yourself in Kuching city – far fetch?

    How’d you feel
    The first time you saw the sea?

    How’d you feel
    The first time you saw a ship?

    How’d you feel
    The first time you saw a car?

    If the proverbial frog could talk,
    It would share the same feeling
    When it came out of its coconut shell hiding!

    What if we combine the old and the new?
    It’d cover the whole spectrum of a rainbow hue.
    What we’d dreamt all this while
    would be realized with no sweat beguile.
    Merge both our group and Uchu Keling!
    And we’ll have the world at a ring!

    That’s a thought to ponder
    Self-interest aside brother!
    Put the College foremost.
    And we’d create a toast!
    ‘Twould be noble and awesome.
    The frog and I – no more lonesome!

    Lt Col (Rtd) Robert Rizal

  8. vernon kedit (borned to iban/baba nyonya/scottish parentage) is former political secretary to dato effendi nawawi and former manager of ning baizura… he’s also own a blog (which happend to be the one of the most famous malaysian celebrity gossip blog) .

    u can visit his blog to know more about him

  9. uchu keling can u write a short review about this book? gambar ba atas nyak kelalu mit

  10. Very good book ” My Adventure” By Leutenant Col (R) Robert Rizal

    From Rahim KT
    Hp: 012 62 99 410

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