Malam Berancau Tikai

Finally, the event was successfully executed last night. It ended at 12.15 midnight and covered the launching of the Iban Business Directory, the Weaving Class and the Ngiling Tikai (which means the end of the Gawai Festival) and the berancau tikai – literally means the start of work for the new year. Here are some photos from last night event.

My first public backdrop. Printed at the cost of RM768.00 for 32′ x 12′ at Asia Advertising.

The arrival of the Guest of Honour, YB Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri (Dr.) Alfred Jabu Anak Numpang who is also our Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak accompanied by his wife, YB Senator Dato Sri Empiang Jabu.

Our Women Section Chairlady, Mdm. Julia Jugak and Dato Sri Empiang Jabu.

One of the recipient of our annual Outstanding Student Award.

Datuk Patinggi Jabu launching the Iban Business Directory, witnessed by from left, Alexander Isut, Dr. Nuing Jeluing, Jonathan Bedindang (hidden), YB Francis Harden, YB Lihan, and Sarawak Shell Berhad Managing Director.

Launching of the Women Weaving Class by Dato Sri Empiang Jabu.

It will not be complete without the Ajat Emas (Golden Dance) performed by Datuk Patinggi Jabu.

The Closing of Gawai toast, and marking the start of a new year with lot of work to be done, particularly in the field of education. I managed to whisper to Dato Sri Empiang of what we can contribute to curb to problems faced by the young Iban students who failed to master the basic skill of reading and writing as published in the media recently. She advised us to check with the schools and Education Dept. to obtain the breakdown of the “alarming” statistics.

Finally, the Ngiling Tikai symbolic event to mark the end of the Gawai celebration. Aram meh kitai berancau ke tikai dalam semua pengawa ke deka diatur kitai ke taun baru tu.

Thank you to all at Table No.28 (bala raban who managed to come and join us) and to Clement Bangau, IEG, LovelyHeart at Table N0.1


4 thoughts on “Malam Berancau Tikai”

  1. Interesting concept of Beranchau Tikai immediately after the Tikai is digiling. Normally, our Beranchau is early morning on 30th May… That is probably a Tikai for another purpose.

  2. Interested, the main event was Ngiling Tikai. However, Datuk Patinggi Jabu and Dato Sri Empiang, had launched two new “task” i.e. the Iban Business Directory and Kelas Betenun. These two items called for Berancau Tikai. Also, we gave away award for the outstanding students and again this called for another berancau tikai to make way for more education talks and also to address the problem of illiteracy among our Iban students in their early age.


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