suffered another DDoS

Dear members, friends and visitors, suffered another bad DDOS last Sunday. And just in case some of you do not understand what is a DDos attack, here is the simple definition of a DDoS attack.

A distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) occurs when multiple compromised systems flood the bandwidth or resources of a targeted system, usually one or more web servers. These systems are compromised by attackers using a variety of methods.

DDoS attack uses multiple computers throughout the network that it has previously infected. The computers act as “zombies” and work together to send out bogus messages, thereby increasing the amount of phony traffic.

Due to the DDoS attack, we have taken the website ‘offline’ and still need to pay for the excessive bandwidth or traffic that was used up during the attack.

There is no perfect or permanent solution to curb this abuse. The easiest way to survive this kind of attack is to have planned for the attack. Having a separate emergency block of IP addresses for critical servers with a separate route can be invaluable. A separate route (perhaps a DSL) is not that extravagant, and it can be used for load balancing or sharing under normal circumstances and switched to emergency mode in the event of an attack. Of course, in’s case, I do not know if there is a measure as such to counter the attack (unless of course, if the physical server in next to me).

In the case of having to host with hosting companies, we are only aware of the good things. And, expensively, now that we know a Virtual Private Server (VPS hosting) is just not good enough for a portal like!

Well.. folks, now that I do not have any more fund to pay for the massive traffic charges caused by the attack and hence shall put on the shelf for the time being. Who knows, God willing, someone may strike the lottery and lend us a hand.

Or, if anyone who have a dedicated server to host, we welcome you with open arms.

Not to worry, you still have and to have fun with.

Once again, Thank You for your continuous support and I hope to see you at the portal soon :D

Shared IP Hosting – attacked!
Virtual Private Server Hosting – attacked!
Dedicated Server Hosting – ??

27 thoughts on “ suffered another DDoS”

  1. huhuhu… aku pun lelak ditanya bala bos. Tapi apa boleh buat. Website kami pun enggai. Tp ok gak, sebedau attack aku udah ready account d google. so… next time when the attack hit server again, my email safe.….. boringlah nadai. baru jak kitai dinner

  2. Badpacket, I hope you are as happy as the attacker. It is not my losses but the Iban and Dayak community lost what was supposed to be where we can brainstorm on how to improve the society beside the social networking. And, that’s where my FREE service ends. Best wishes to the others.

  3. laaa…patut lah enggai nyadi di buka web rumahdayak. Malar jak page not found….
    UK…dah meli album baru amon ambas? Nyau penuh emel aku pasal album ya ti ka keluar, kenu ko jaku.

  4. There are no mistakes, only lesson
    Try the best, and at the same time.. prepare for the worst

  5. “Badpacket, I hope you are as happy as the attacker. It is not my losses but the Iban and Dayak community lost what was supposed to be where we can brainstorm on how to improve the society beside the social networking. And, that’s where my FREE service ends. Best wishes to the others.”

    the iban n dayak community didn’t ‘lost’ anything but most of u lost a platform to scam and pretend.Free service?i won’t ask for ‘donations’ if i’m providing free services.what have i gained from RD?NOTHING!! but sore eyes from looking at all the drunk ugly bitches(they’re all ugly even when they’re not drunk…just to clear things up).look on the bright side,now u guys can enjoy the real world n deal with the real issues.the truth is, u’re not that significant in the society after all.jobless cunt!!

  6. boohoo, this is definition I found from Wikipedia what’s is donation really are, just to make you clear.

    “Donation is a gift to a fund or cause, typically for charitable reasons. A donation may take various forms, including cash, services, clothing, toys, food, accommodation, blood or new or used items. Charitable gifts of goods or services are also called gifts in kind”

    If you still not know, please apply back to primary school or kindergarten or whatever it is.

  7. i got nothing to do with the attacked, the only thing i can suggest is try using ev1 server,i`m not promoting the server but thats the best ever server on the net from ddos attack, i mean kiddies cant take down that server using small dosnet,go search under ev1 hosting! choww and dont get mad dude, if you cant handle this type of problem.. turn off your PC and get some sleep. ;) simple eh?

  8. don’t know about computer , but can get a new server to operate back RD? berapa dia punya kos? , kalau tak mahal sangat dapat lah i derma sikit tolong beli.

    If dont like the ugly biches , pergi tempat lain lah , banyak wesite 18 sx awex cantik! Awex RD sik layan nya lalu mauk sabotage!

  9. Boohoo, that’s the spirit I love to see. We can always sit down and see how we can join hands with the other Dayak organisations on how to deal with the real issues in the real world. Its not difficult to contact me and we do not have to be so significant in any society to contribute our little effort. Maybe we do it differently, but take those that benefit the public, ignore those that we thought is useless.

    Badpacket,thank you for the recommendation.

    Babi, ask your server owner to get a clearer picture.

  10. Babi, you wrote, “don’t know about computer , but can get a new server to operate back RD? berapa dia punya kos? , kalau tak mahal sangat dapat lah i derma sikit tolong beli.”

    Me: Your contribution is much welcome.

  11. hehehe… babi, u seem clueless..funny.he is asking your server spec,running on wut line?vps,ds?OC48?T2,3?..Os detail? nix? win? etc..etc. still clueless babi?

  12. Itu server, giant company punya, very sopihscated, bayangkan dia org dpt check kerosakkan program komputer u di kching dari KL.

    kalau derma RM100 boleh kot, beli server baru, takkan member lain sik mauk derma, nang kedekut juak!

  13. adoi. ketepikan la server ddos vps T2 isu tu. Bincangler cara2 macam mana nak mengembalikan Kepada yang terror2 pasal internet and those tech jargon, you people are very smart. And i absolutely dont care and never want 2 care about all those.

    Takder kerjer lain ker? Happy sangat ker kalau dah bring down org punyer website? Kalaulah mulut aku ni ada magik, mmg aku sumpah jadi LAN cable orang tu.

    UK, I pledge will contribute. enda mayoh lah owh. kira2 rega pusu 2 kilo.

    For the attacker, if it is happen that u read this, you are good, terror and smart while we are not. So go and find somebody that good, terror and smart like u to play with. Enda malu ka membuli kami yang dadak n belik tok?

  14. mau juak kamek contribute tp benar ndak kah nya tok.jgn2 nya sendiri nok putuskan.Rugi jak derma kelak suk member pegi berdangdut lepas ya.iboh marah boss sik boleh pecayak gilak net tok

  15. Hi,
    Amat ko nuan unggal, uchukeling. tuju nuan ngayanka pendiau enggau pengidup kitai iban manah amat. tu meh siti chara kitai tau dikelala bansa bukai di serata dunya. tang taja pia bisi ga siko dua ke manchal kitai iban di baroh hari tu rindu ngemedis diri sebansa. sida ke baka tu amat pandai tang ‘buyan’. pengawa nyerang komputer / server pangan diri nyau nyadika main sida – dikena sida merindang ati diri puas ke nadai pengawa dikereja. berapa USD, pound sterling tauka Euro ulih sida ke ngereja pengawa hacking. enti asil iya manah, enda lama anak kitai iban kaya raya, tampak rita serata dunya. enda nyalah baka dunya diatu ke ngelala bill gates – mensia ke pemadu kaya taja iya ukai peturun raja tauka menteri. penajam untak iya ngasoh iya kaya lalu pia mega mai penguntong ngagai bejuta-juta iko mensia. bill gates ukai nya tak pandai endar ga sekula kelia, tang ati iya bangat liat, bisi pemingking dikena iya nyemekih bala kaban ke serambau enggau iya. enti nyau kelalu maioh dibubohka ditu lagi, leju ga orang macha (esp bala hackers ke sengaja deka ngerusak bansa baka tua).
    kena meh penemu, penau enggau pengelandik kita ngulihka pengelantang kitai bansa, awakka enda tua tinggal di kemudi orang belama.
    taburka meh ‘jasa’ awakka kitai tu majak dikelala nengah dunya ‘siber’.
    enda tau ditunda tua magang ga chara bansa orang ngulihka belanja, laban nyangka sida kurang basa baka tua.
    tua ga diadaka nyadi iban, nya alai tanka pemanah nama aki ini tua.

  16. We don’t know who the attacker is, but who ever did that, has no future at all. His life is empty coz nothing to do that is why he/she do the attack. If he/she is a Dayak, shame on him/her. By right we should be united now, after 44 years of independant (sarawak) the Dayak should be leading the economy, should be thinking expanding their network (especially the Iban, being the largest community group in Sarawak) not by attacking one another. Look at other races, the melanau’s are one good example. Being a minor group in the state manage to improve their living standard, you might say that, “well our CM is a melanau, sure he had help them in many ways….” Yes he indeed had help them in many ways, but if the people doesn’t accept it, then it wouldn’t work. I have a number of Melanau friends and I got to know that their association are very active, united and even financially better than our own association. I’m not trying to compare but as a dayak (which I’m are one) we should be united and stand together.

    Bangsa kitai tu mudah kena bula, kena tipu orang. Kitai enggai meda pangan diri mansang, enda nyalah-nyalah baka ketam, meda siko baru ka niki dah kena tarit. Jadi, sapa-sapa pan “attacker” nya, endang sigi enggai meda kaban kitai mansang. Enda ngawa, mayuh cara ukai kitai ulih betemu, aku pecaya uchukeling bisi cara ia. Jadi, kitai mina “support” ia. Agi hidu pAgi Ngelaban!!!!

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