The verdict is in your hands

While the government employees are having a party to celebrate their salary increment, the cafeteria of the new Federal Court house gets flooded! Thanks to the latest row of pipe leak. Beside the people’s taxes, I think the spending spree of the government was partly due to the high price of petroleum product during the past years.

Nevermind about that, the building is up, and I think the authorities need to approve more budget for building maintenance. And, we do not have to go far to see one that sure need urgent attention.

The newly constructed BOMBA station and residential along the Miri By-pass highway is not a model of the new city of Mirilon (City of Babylon). I don’t think the grasses that grow in the gutter is called for.

If we are to list it out in Miri.. more will appear here :D

5 thoughts on “The verdict is in your hands”

  1. This is a good signed for their budget request justifications, and I believe the authorities doesn’t bother much about it lah, even though a so called sore eyes to the public, perhaps they are expecting more fast-grow vegetation to cover the whole building as to marked the Miri City the 2nd.Hanging Garden of Babylon …what a shamed ha !!!!

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