Justify the recognition, please


I must congratulate the Public Works Department for the delivery record as published in the Star recently. Indeed we have seen a lot of minor projects and some major ones being implemented in the Miri Division. The noticeable ones are the Miri by-pass, the on-going flyover project at the Pujut roundabout, etc.

However, the residents of Miri have yet to see the credibility of their engineers and geologist when comes to the problem of the stretch at the junction to the Miri General Hospital and Airport Road (refer: Dangerously Sinking). Over the weekend, the Assistant Minister of Transport, Datuk Uggah was in the city for a ministrial dinner, and it was too bad that he arrived late and probably won’t be able to see these stretch.

We hope to see some technical solution to this road, as it is hazardous to the motorcyclist and small vechicles.

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