It takes a West Malaysian to whack us..


The US Government knew it when they did the interviews and visit during the justification of the Heart of Borneo project funding. The recent visit by the EU Timber bodies knew it too.

 But, the policies and presentation covered it all up. What say you?

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  1. UK,

    Lt Kol (RTD) Robert Rizal Abdullah is an Iban (Islamized Dayak) from Kampung Lachau 2, Bukit Begunan. It’s surprising to read one of his concerns, but he has been known to devote some of his time on more inches of newspaper columns.

  2. I stumbled on your website this morning when I broused through the internet. I was pleasantly surprised to see the letter I wrote to the NST.
    Yes, I am an Islamised Iban from Lachau Baru,Pantu, Sri Aman, now settled in Taiping. I was formerly called Robert Madang Langi. I was in TLS from 1960 to 1966, when I decided to join the Rangers after 2 years as a Cadet in RMC.
    Yes, I have written many such letters to highlight the many shorcomings and issues that had been affecting Sarawak in general and my birth place in particular; in the hope that somebody will take notice and come to the rescue.

  3. Lt Kol,

    Thanks. You honour us here. In reply to your article above, I suppose the SG policy does not exclude claimants/owners from deriving a living on those particular lands. However, it may appear to be deliberate in the sense that certain interests/communities may avail themselves at the NCR owners expense, if the liberty was widened further, i.e profits may advantage certain groups not related to the original owners. That’s my own guess.

  4. Lt.Kol

    I have always enjoyed reading your thought-provoking contributions to NST. Never get to respond to your article, until I read this article on NCR land. I have been doing some research on poverty among the Iban community in Sarawak. Your article, struck a cord. I can’t resist but write this note to thank you for taking up the issue on national media. Keep it up.

    More importantly, I write this note with the hope to re-establish contact with your wife…Surprised. Small world. When I read the short writeup about you by Apaisalleh, it dawned on me that I may have known your wife (RN). We became friends, while she was staying temporarily at 7th Mile, Field Force Camp, Kuching in late 70s while you were stationed in Serian(if I am not mistaken). Alone in Sarawak, she made friends with some us at the camp. And I have always cheerished her friendship. But we have lost contact for so long. If she still remembers me, I can be contacted by email: or

    Thank you.

  5. Well sir, you not the only one Iban complainants about the situation, one way or another is not a battle field for you “Welcome to the real world”. Today our state rules by bunch of mobsters, there are no legitimate businessmen. If you have connection with politician (YB) your proposal could be approved immediately not to mention fraction would be required to load up YB’s pocket. So, you could say I am very strong supporter for Barisan Nasional, well do you think Melanau give a shit for what you have said. Hmmm I don’t think so…

    To be honest with you the door for business merely closed for us. If you try to break the door-lock they’ll send you some troops to settle you physically. I think you could brush them out with your experience in battle-field.

    If read newspaper today or 2 years ago I believe they are NO Iban have been engaged with keparat’s life. Most of them are men picked by the minister friend to run down the tax payer’s money in this country. Go and see Taib while he still alive, Iban currently no foundation since PBDS tear down from this lovely island.

  6. Aggree with Apai Besi. As an Iban i have to admit this. It sad to hear that some of my fellow friend can’t find their own job and open their own business. It seems that there is no one to step forward to help them. As a bumiputera, they should be someone guide their way and help them. And who the hell is IN-CHARGE!

  7. Emmm… published on 2nd February 2007.
    if he is in Taiping, why is he talking about registering a business at the vicinity of his longhouse. Is he building a longhouse in Taiping? ;p

    ii. If we are talking about cottage-industry, I don’t think they even need to register a company. Unless you need to open a current account or something.

    iii. Back to registering (are we talking about ROC here?), which ROC’s officer asked you for your land-title or even proof that your address is genuine during registration? I’m a bit confused. As long as the mail reaches your longhouse, that is a valid snail-mail address. Had some experience with ROC, they never knock on my door, so I know. You don’t have a valid snailmail address for a longhouse? How did you get the electricity/water connected? No electricity/water connection? Emmm…

    iv. Maybe there is a real ‘case’ but the newspaper cutting does not really clarify what is the actual problem or what sort of business the Lt Kol was planning to set up.

    p/s Apology but never trust the US Govt ever or you might end up as one of the ‘casualties’ labelled as …

  8. Okbah – Read the article again

    Apai Besi tang Rightvex – Umbas for now. Land as you know is a highly complex matter, thousands of Ibans sold their titles to other economic interests, apart from the heaps of claims/counter claims in respect of NCR use. My point is there is two sides to a coin, and we should just stick to the points raised instead of moving away somewhere else.

    The Lt Kol has kindly pointed out what he feels is confusing, and I have given my 2 sens or to be more precise, my point of view on this Issue.


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