Bright Ride On Road

Jalan Brighton, Miri

If you are planning to go to Parkcity Everly Hotel and Marriot SPA in Miri from 11.30 am – 1.00 pm during school days, I say, forget it! Not via Brighton Road.

Brighton Road, Miri

This traffic jam is becoming worst from year to year. This year, it starts right from the Central Bus Station at Park Hotel, along Jalan Kubu, Jalan Abang Andeh, through to SK St. Columba, SMB St. Columba, junction of RTM Miri, up to SK North, SMB Chung Hua passing through Parkcity right up to SMB St. Joseph!!

That could take up almost an hour!! So, forget about lunch at the two hotels – or, you can pre-order two hours before.

The local media publish so much on the traffic conjestion in Kuching especially infront of St. Mary and St. Thomas, but heii guys, I welcome you to this resort city and experience one of the best ever along the coastal highway.

SMB Chung Hua Miri

The stretch handles thousand of students, motor vehicles and school buses daily. Although the Division Traffic Police HQ is just a merely 50 metres from SK North, but I have yet to see any policeman controlling the flow of traffic (except for the traffic light).

Probably the HQ should get at least two of their personnel to man that stretch and maintain the three or four at the roundabout near SK St. Joseph Miri.

Pssttt… they have 2,000 MPV but lack the drivers.

And, today, the national papers carried the Trillion Record on their front pages – Star, Country’s trade hit historic high last year, driven by exports. Bravo Malaysia!!

Well, to a layman, we know now that Malaysia have the money to pay for all the promises made by the Barisan Nasional candidates during the last election. We also understand that they can deliver and this is something that we should be waiting for. Yesterday, 23 men are in the Task Force to overhaul the archiac procedures and unnecessary bureaucratic red-tape and of course to enhance the economic activities. Yesterday too, we read about RHB, Utama Banking Group Bhd (UBG) and Cahaya Mata Sarawak RM2.1 billion cash deal with Kuwait Finance. RHB approved of a restricted offer for sale later.

So much money, so much cash, and we hope the feng shui prediction is wrong for 2007 and to end with a big explosion of development especially for the National Education Blue Print.

4 thoughts on “Bright Ride On Road”

  1. The road looks so familiar lah kaban after 20 odd years leaving Miri!!! I used to skate up that road on the way back from midnight shows maya agi sekula kelia. Took about an hour enti sigi deka begasak ari St. Columba ahhh to Tanjung Lobang..I used to love that midnight-wee morning walk ehh..I hated the most lah..climbing over the fence or crawling under the fence..hehehe for some so-called fatso who couldn’t climb!!! laban Maun nadai muka gate ehh. Good time enti deka ngayap ehhh.

  2. Hahaha… Trillions, billions, millions – the publicity is good. our leaders, like us like to plan. The gap between the policy makers, planners and implementors need to be checked first. Even if the policy makers and planners have those big amount of cash flow to play around with it sometimes gets wasted away due to poor implementation, sometimes poor planners, and worst top leaders who likes to make announcements without knowing what is happening on the ground. Don’t everyone love the YB Dato Abang Jo and the DBKU Mayor’s swashbuckling with words in the press. The botto, result…nothing gets implemented… :)

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