Banned but it was a great show

This photos was taken on Chinese New Year eve from Kampung Haji Wahed in Miri. Kampung Haji Wahed is located on the hill top next to the Petronas Science Museum near the Grand Old Lady.

Miri City at 11.17 pm


The photo below was taken at 12.02 midnight, just passed two minutes into the Chinese New Year. The sound of firecrackers and fireworks is deafening to the ears but it was a great show. I wondered how much was spend for welcoming the boar.


Eventhough firecrackers are banned in Malaysia but it doesn’t look like it in Miri. Forget about the why it was banned but look at why no unforseen accident like facial burnt was reported during the Chinese New Year.

Why we need to lift the ban?

Lift ban on firecrackers
By Celebrant, Miri

EVERY year, the arrival of the Lunar New Year is greeted by the noising letting off of firecrackers and booming fireworks stuffed with mild to strong explosives.

Read it all here at the Borneo Post Online.

4 thoughts on “Banned but it was a great show”

  1. let chinese hv fun playing wit fireworks.
    it’s their tradition after all.
    if the G can banned the firework, y not meriam buluh?
    it is d malays who alwez injured when playing firework bcos they are being overcreative.
    when the last time u heard a chinese got injured playing firework?

  2. Exactly.. it goes back to being discipline. The kids are only allow those small fire display while the adults handle the more dangerous stuff. And, they dun ‘modify’ the crackers and fireworks.

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