Demolition of Rumah Nyawin in Bintulu to give way to MARDI

Two excavators, tens of lorries, hundreds of enforcement officers…

Demolision in progress!

Down to earth..

Peaceful demonstration by the friendly Ibans.

The temporary shelter built just next to the plot where there used to called home.

The above scene is the result of the policies of the Land and Survey Department of Sarawak practiced in handling land issues in Sarawak.

The DAP representative is the only early bird who came to watch the speechless moment of these inhumane act.

What else can this woman say, other than just to stare at what is left of their longhouse.

The belongings of the longhouse occupants being put under the rain and shine.

The temporary six months shelter for this baby (below right).

51 thoughts on “Demolition of Rumah Nyawin in Bintulu to give way to MARDI”

  1. Is this how the M’sian govt treats Bumi Iban? I wonder if there ever has been a similar case where the illegal homes of Bumi Melayu (like the many Malay squatters around KL) were destroyed by the govt???

  2. I have read of illegal warong being demolished in Klang, but not the controversial illegal mansion built by the Klang Assemblyman.

    It could have been worst that day if not for the appeal by the residents of two more longhouses nearby.

    We can talk about the legal aspect later, but the immediate issue was why the gov’t failed to sit down and discuss the best solution to resettle the residents.

    The gov’t should have called the Wakil Rakyats, residents, District Officers, Land Ministry, etc to come up with a resettlement plan like those in Miri (Canada Hill, Pujut Corner, etc.)

    The act of the Land and Survey is uncalled for!!

  3. Extract from The Star, 9th January 2007

    Wanton land clearing around Bakun, claims rep


    MIRI: Forests and native customary land as far as 100km from the Bakun hydroelectric dam site in central Sarawak are being bulldozed and cleared for all kinds of commercial and agriculture development.

    Alleging this, Kidurong state assemblyman Chiew Chin Sing said the land clearing was excessive.

    “This is a worrying development. It seems the state government is bent on opening up every area stretching from the RM6bil Bakun project site to Bintulu town, which is some 150km away,” he said.

    He claimed that the latest incident of land clearing took place last Thursday, involving a longhouse known as Rumah Nyawin along the Bakun-Bintulu road. He said the state Land and Survey Department bulldozed it, leaving more than 100 native people homeless.

    Checking with department officials, he was told they had to bulldoze the longhouse as the residents there did not have land titles.

    “The entire Bakun-Bintulu stretch is being aggressively opened up for all kinds of commercial projects, from timber logging to oil palm plantations to agriculture projects,” he told The Star.

    Chiew, who is state DAP deputy chairman, said more than 300 uniformed workers from the department as well as the police and the army took part in demolishing Rumah Nyawin.

    “The residents had applied for NCR land title many times but their applications had been rejected. Now, they have lost everything,” he added.

    A check with the state Land and Survey Department confirmed that it has received directives to demolish Rumah Nyawin to pave the way for certain agencies to move in and start agricultural projects.

  4. Mayuh tanah di kampung jerong di puak dunya alai betanam,rumah kitai Iban ga di tebang.Tusah wai,ba tanah dak,insak kitai empu di buru…


  6. Sigh… It’s coming to that… the incessant finger-pointings. I sympathise with the folks, I can imagine how they’d feel, but I believe that if they argue their case in court, they’ll lose out for lack of proof. There’s got to be a better way to solve this and leave everyone happy, and they shouldve rethink before plunging on the drastic measures. I thought here in kuching, the govt compensates the squatters with low-cost houses. Why they make do with ‘rumah tumpangan’ only there? whats the idea? after the 6 mths, they still need to find a permanent land…

  7. I read this article at borneo post and before i complete my eye already travel to another columm, about the death of 12 years old by.. about Daniel.

    Enda ulih aku madah ka penyinu diri maya nya. Asai ka raoh raoh nyabak ngenang bansa kitai ke merinsa di tanah ke diperimba aki ini kitai suba. ni bala pemesai menua ke bejku maya bepilih suba. ni jabu? dini alai jemut masing? belaya bekeramak baru sida numbur satu.

    Semua kitai bela nemu tanah nyak deka di ambi MARDI, tang enda ulih ka perintah “BERBUDI BAHASA” dalam handle utai bakatu. Banchat amai sida ngaga this decision. Saggaup ngaga rumah di Acheh, tang bala Iban di sarawak dirubuh ka rumah an diberi rumah tumpangan ke enda bulih setempap. Nama sida perintah nadai option bukai sampai ngambi pekara ke bansa tu? ni bala pengarah Land Survey? Nama ia diau di langit pia. Ni bala SUHAKAM? nama sida ia semina gagau pasal ANWAR aja?

    Tekepang amai aku pekara tu nyadi. Enti apai indai aku di menua din di gaga perintah baka tu, nadai aku ka duduk diau. Endang sigi alah kitai enti ngelaban ba court, laban tanah nya endang ukai alai berumah. Tang kitai ulih nulung sida ngena ngerembai ka pengawa ke udah digaga perintah tu ngagai urang mayoh awak ke semua bela nemu penyaik perintah mgagai bansa kitai.

    Pekara baka tu ngayan ke perintah pandak runding and enda tentu berakal.

  8. Terlebih dulu aku meri ampun ngagai kitai iban laban perkara ke ditulis aku tu ditulis dalam jaku urang putih. Lately, there were many speculations regarding the incident of RH. Nyawin. Who is wrong and who is right is not the issue here. The impact will be, the perception of other race to the dayak. What happened to the dayak? They have lost their respect from the other races. They are the alien on their own country. They are just like the ‘Orang utan’, preserved for primitive study. Chase them out for development. Ext..ext…..Why can’t the authority put this to the table for negotiation. It can be more diplomatic rather than barbaric act. Why can’t our leaders give comment(I have been waiting for this for the last 2 weeks) rather than speculation running around..

  9. Great job done by the government of the day to discriminate her own people. umpa kucing makan anak sendiri!!!!!harapkan pagar, pagar pula makan padi, jako pedis ati deh…

    Forget about the past and let us look forward, what type of assistance can our society do about it. Are we going to remain silent and not looking for option. what are our leaders do, are they keep on fighting each other and not helping their own people especially my friends YBs Dr Stephen…some issues/problems do not have solutions but we do have option. Let us think about it and look beyond our our own backyard for the betterment of our future generation

  10. There are too many things that they put as Private and Confidential until it is being executed, then the problem arise. The reps knows what is going to happen. Either due to the Spirit of the Barisan Nasional or they just couldn’t do anything to jeopardise their position in the government. Deep inside, they do want to help, but is cripple due to what they term as “sensitive” issue and not to be discussed. Who made it “sensitive” is us – ourselves.

  11. VERY STUPID……..igak ngemangat ngeyaik nya org ke ngasuh nebang rumah nya bah..amat munyi ko kaban siko nyin tadi..puak kampung ngemayuh nya baka ke nadai endur ka ngaga projek..muntang endar ka ngiga endur alai ngiga penguntung..uji rumah ia ka ngasuh nebang rumah panjai nya tebang..ungkup ngeyaiknya bah…lak ke nyepik keni asai penusah kitai iban digagak sida bakanya…uji befikir dulu ka nebang,,kini ke bala j.jabu enda ngambi tindakan..menyakit kan hati aja org ke enda bebasa sesama manusia nya,,..enda pia ko nuan keling…

  12. BAKAIRO (ko jaku Jipun) Very Stupid- Ni sida JJM, AJ, WMI, SRundi??Enti betulung ke sida di Indon di Semenanjung, no 1 sida nya, ngambi nama diri manah. Bangsa diri enda di perening, enda di kibuh ka. Temu tebang neh rumah sida AJ, JMM, WMI, SRundi, ngambi ke sida ensepi asai!!!

  13. Those names are my friends. However, due to the so call “Spirit of Barisan Nasional” they are not allow to give public press statement, but they can opt to write to the relevant authorities for explaination, of which the reply from the later’s office be made confidential and not to issue any statement prior to blessing from the leaders of the BN.

  14. UK, arap ke “all your friends” nuan nya bisi bejalai ke pengawa sida ya meh. Kasih aku meda bala kitai Iban ari Rh. Nyawin ba Rumah Tumpangan nebing Sg. Sebiew.

  15. Unggal UK, nama kebuah utai tu baka ke di pelalai ka? Sorry to say to ur friends out there, hope they will do their parts, jgn goyang kaki…sudah lah.

  16. amat ko nuan nya igat sibutie. Lagi enti maya ngundi, nyau kena sipak sida tin myanmar, tin tiger , tin orenjebom kena ngulih ka ati kitai. Ari ni penatai nuan igat? Besai menua sibutie. Sama engggau bala kedayan nuan igat.

  17. anak asi apai, u see the leg lah…hehehe. Sigi gaya pemimpin kemaya ari tu nya unggal. Munyi ko aki aku nyebut “jaman menium uchu” (zaman millinium). Penataia u antara Mamut Salu enggau Sg. Seloi. Ukai kedayan, anak jati Iban unggal…Enti bisi maya, ila tua ngansar ke kaki ba Danau Alai..

  18. Munyi ko aku, pama sida udah ngangkat sumpah mangku pengawa, sigi maioh dikelaskasikan Rahsia Kerajaan. Deh, Miri City Planning pan enda ulih dikeritok.. semua RAHSIA magang ba upis L&S din. How? Look at it the broader way, we can only bark and bark and don’t stop barking, and ngarap ke sida ulih ngatur pengawa sida di Rh. Nyawin din enggau manah. That’s all we can do. We can’t put the pencil between their fingers and write for them.

  19. thanks unggal UK. Arap ke salak bala Iban didinga meh. Someday, maybe kitai 3 sida anak asi apai have a round of teh tarik or ice lemon tea. Kebukai nya belakang kira lah…

  20. anang majak ke brandau utai baka nya duai dik ungal igat sibutie ngau anak asi apai…sida agi empai puas ati. agi ka nebang rumah panjai sida ia…aku bisi ninga rita rumah panjai bukit song diak ka di tumbang ke sida ia meh….ngarap nuan ungal igat sibutie bisi ngau ngabas org kia ila…madah ke aku nuan rita diak ila..bujik aku nadai pulai kemiri taun tu…ngau betulung ke org diak…

  21. Stretch jalai ke ba Bkt. Song nya sigi deka di gaga perintah besai agi (nyenkaum jalai lubah – slow lane). Bakanya mega, jalai nya deka di gaga baroh ke agi or probably di straighten ba corner ke dangerous.

    So, perintah will relocate bala kitai Iban ke bisi berumah ba tisi jalai nya.

    I don’t think they will bulldoze it baka ba Rh. Nyawin, but it should be look at in a more constructive and humane way.

  22. igat sibutie, maya aku pulai shotting ba miri kena 13hb empai lama aku ninga bala sida ketuai betusi ke jako nya ba tamu kedayan diak..aku pan alu nanya. amai ke enda aku pun enda pasti…nama nuan nadai nemu rita nya pia…ngarap ke utai tusi sida ketuai nya enda amat lah…kasih ke kitai iban digaga sida bakanya…

  23. sarawk belongs to the iban/ the campaign during the last state election(in 2006), the govt said they would not take the NCR from the natives . the govt would not do it during election time but they would do it after election. beware of this promise in the future. thats what happened to RH Nyawin. i would not vote for this liar, arrogant
    animals(binatang yang tidak berhati perut!).even foreigners are treated better.

  24. Nginjau rambai jako bansa punan siko ….
    PERINTAH TUMBUH DALAM TAUN 1963 LALU NGAMBU SEMUA TANAH ENGGI SIDA MAGANG-MAGANG…..uji perati serta sagam dalam ati…pengamat jaku tu.

  25. Nama kebuah rumah panjai di tebang?
    (1) Politic Bansa Dayak enda “bisa” + enda “di basa”
    (2) Adat & jalai idup Dayak patut betukar jampat agi
    (3) Kitai Dayak ngiga “reti” baru dalam pengidup,
    nitih ke rentak dunya
    (4) Kitai Dayak patut ngiga technologi baru kena ngiga
    jalai pengidup
    (5) Kitai mesti ngambuh “Dayak Agenda” ti baru. Laban
    pengawa “kayau” kilia udah pupus.

  26. Ya lapa ya???? bansa Iban semua nyukong BN, amat ke endak??? polisi hantam rumahpanjai ke kampung ukai sebarang perkara baru –

    Dayak patut nemu cara berunding politik. This happens – Sapa empu salah????

  27. Minta ampun aku ka nuan uchu Keling. Nana kebuah utai tu tau nyadi bakanya. Udah nadai cara agi sida ia berunding ka jalai ke manah kena ngatur penanggol ti nyadi. Nti nyau sampai betebang ke rumah pelabaa ati aku enda patut amai. Ketai ngasai diri amat anak iban ke di turun ka aki ini ketai asal menoa Sarawak. Enti nda pengering aki ini ketai suba ngetau ka menoa tu pelaba aku udah nadai agi bangsa ketai pegari di menoa Sarawak tu. Tang pengudah ensepi penyamai udah nya daatai orang bukai deka ngerempah tanah serta dunya ketai. Ko orang tuai kesa enti di puar ketai sarang ia pan tau ngetup. Tang sepi aku tu bisi amat penanggol ia nya bepun ari undang-undang ke di gagai bala Menteri bala Yang Berhormat ketai. Nadai kala temu aku bala Menteri nyagam pengasai pengidup bala ke diulu atau menoa pesisir, bala raakyat ke agi begantung pengidup ba tanah asal. Nya alai enti undang-undang nya udah disetuju ka bela sida ke bekedugau di kerusi Parliment atau ka DUN utai nya lalu ka undang undang. Barang sapa ngelangar undang undang tau ukum, pia ko sida. Tang ketai sama meda nama utai ke nyadi rebak ka diatu, kelebih agi bangsa ketai ke amat asal iban, Apa sudah jadi, macam pelarian di tanah air sendiri. Ko jako laban ketai bangsa enda beserakup tang jako nya enda ulah kena, beratus ribu ketai ke ngumbai diri bangsa DAYAK beratus ribu ketai Iban. Nda ulih seati pan patut laban mentality, pemandai,pemintar enggau tingau ari semua bangsa dayak enggau iban nya tadi enda sebaka. Nama kebuah kurang pemandai kena berunding ka utai ke jauh TANG nama kebuah semina mimit aja ketai ke ngumbai diri bangsa dayak, bangsa iban ke duduk ba kerusi maia sida ke meeting nada kala besemumok kediri berandau ka nasib bangsa diri deh. Sida ia empu nya pecah belah pambar pepar, nama kebuah sida nyadi bakanya, pelaba aku sama nemu ketai. Ko ketainda abis tunjuk jari kena ngira sida.ko jako sida nya orang ke pandai, jauh perining tang nasib bangsa diri empu nda dikenati, enggai ke di kumbai orang ngelaban, nadai utai ulih ko jako. It’s too much,but we dayak try to look back what have happened and we should be able to diffrentiate ni ka siang ni ke malam.

  28. apu?? nama utai ti nyadi ba rumah panjai tu, sinu amai aku meda, nama menua kitai tu nadai perintah pia…
    nti nadai bala kitai iban nadai maju menua sarawak tu..
    oooo Ha!!! anang alah bangsa iban kitai tu peturun cdak keling datai ari panggau libau…


  29. bagi aku,diatok kita ke diaw di rumah panjai endak entu dipedak igak laban agik di anggap sidak ke bukai mentellity class 0.maybe nyak lah sebab utama masalah ya diatuk.pada pandangan sidak, kitai tok seperti lembu dicucuk hidung ari pangkat ke besai sampai lah ke pangkat ke mit,semangat sekedak pembesai yang endak entu pikir ke nasib anak bangsa kitai iban.semua kak mengejar kemewahan n secara endak sedar bangsa dirik empu makin hari makin pupus budaya n cara idup kitai.

    sorry auk pama ejaan iban aku endu entu ngena.
    aku anak iban70%+cina30%

  30. This is what you get for voting BN in the election! You have no one to blame axcept urselves – the longhouse folks! I will laugh to my grave for your stupidity. Would you care to vote for BN again this coming election?

  31. ko aku, bala menteri ia ka bangsa iban d swk nya beli,paloi,nadai utak,buta lalu macam2 meh,enti niti ka hati aku meda aya ia ka nyabak ba gambar d atas,amat ka aku pumpong pala bala menteri bangsa iban nya,aram meh kitai ngenan menuo kitai,anang alah jamah bala laut n cina.suba enggai bala iban nyukong PBDS,diatu nama utai,partiPBDS pun d buai,uji rumah bala menteri iban d tebang baka nya,rmh yb mawan bernilai 8juta,utung ia bejudi enggau dtk sang d genting,rakyat iban enda d peda,tembu bejudi,dtk james jemut masing,brapa lama udah jadi menteri d swak,jalai raya sjenkal pun enda olih d gaga ia ari sibu ka kapit,tembu nebang kayu balak ka bala cina.untung kena ia meli rmh ba bandar kuching.baka menuo kami d BUDAK ILI DEBAK sampai ka diatu bedau bc jalai alun,kg laut ari ulu enggau ari ili udah bc jalai alun,rmh panjai iban 2 iti d kalaung,nadai bala menteri iban iboh ka nya.dtk dauglas uggah temu kiroh ka bala laut aja,dtk jabu nama utai ka ulih temu ngaru pelir taib aja,tkt ka d buai taib.

  32. ndai cku ka nulung ktai ke ibn myuh gk bala ke laut ditolong…huh!
    nda ptt amai y…
    ndai ko ngau gk..bansa ktai cg nda ntu dipntng ke urg…tang ndai ngawa…pengidup mesti ditruskan gk..

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