Rh. Ruang Longhouse Fire

Updated on 19 January 2007 (include photos of donation from Chi Sing Khor, PETRONAS and Mercy Malaysia).


Petronas donated gas cylinders to the victims.

Mercy Malaysia donated other items too.

Lorry loaded with other public donation to the victims.

This is how it look like after the fire.


Rh. Ruang, located at Sungai Nat in the Tinjar district was gutted by fire before midnight on 14th January 2007, which marked the first longhouse fire in Sarawak this year.

The fire was believed to have started from the ruai of Door No.5 of one of the two blocks that was burnt down.

The two photos above shows what is left behind of the two blocks of long house. Now Rh. Ruang is left with only one block, which house the current village chief.

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