Pioneering Change – A National Mission, the National Education Blueprint 2006-2010

This is something for all Malaysian to look at comes third week of 2007! Probably the ministry of education is tweaking the RM23 billion budget to take into consideration the major losses and reconstructing of schools due to the worst flood in major states in the Peninsular.

Nevertheless, we in Sarawak are, for one, waiting for 2007 with great expectation of Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein’s speech during last year’s UMNO Convention (ref. my blog: Hisham, its too good to be true)

I just hope to drive back home in December and see SK Nanga Gerenjang well lighted up with the minimum Internet connection so that I can post my blog from there. Equal expectation too from my fellow portal members who will be returning back home to their longhouses in Ulu Teru, Tinjar, where SK Pengarah Entrie is located and is still running on diesel-powered generator set (forget about the subsidised diesel, which was only meant for the majority Malay community).

Cut short the 13 years, one year, one mission, RM23 billion under the 9th Malaysia Plan. Another “thing” to look at with our “not so implemented” PM’s report card (so far).

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