Kancil owners,.. Oppss….watch out!

I took time off this morning to get my kids’ Borang Maklumat Pelajar which requires the Pengulu to verify and sign.

The Pengulu’s office is located right infront of the St. Joseph Cathedral Parish of Miri.

Pot hole

Beside the long queue of parents seeking the Pengulu’s signature, this missing drainage cover (below) can be a costly affair to small vehicle like motorbikes and kancil.

Pot hole

By the look of it, the cover have been missing for quite sometime and it can pose danger to parents who use that road to pick up their children from the nearby school.

Pot hole

While the location is just mere a 100 metres from the Miri City Council office, I am sure, it could not have gone unnotice by their staff.

I hope something urgent to be done before any accident happen.

5 thoughts on “Kancil owners,.. Oppss….watch out!”

  1. Wow, I pass by that area regularly but I never noticed it. Of course, whenever I pass by there were always cars parked on either side.

  2. Just to verify the information that includes our salaries! This is so, since, a Pengulu represent the lowest level for a Government verification system. And, they are readily available at all location. This means, it is easier to get them to verify the information that we filled in the form.

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