Blueprint that will change the Dayaks


It was launched by our Prime Minister yesterday. I downloaded the document from the Education Ministry’s website early today and have a quick browse through.

If our Education Minister keep his word and delivers, the plan will definitely create a quantum leap as far as education for the Dayak community. Having been in classroom that do not have stable electricity (eventhough the power lines are above their heads), clean treated water, demotivated teachers, we hardly hear of the A’s being produced in rural schools.

We’ll keep our finger crossed until 2008 while most of the projects are being implemented.

It may also give me another insight of where I will be if there is indeed electricity, water supply and connectivity in the rural areas!

3 thoughts on “Blueprint that will change the Dayaks”

  1. By 2008 to reach rural schools, it’s too late! The rural schools need more urgent attention to balance rural and town schools. The development for the rural schools should be started simultanously with town schools, at least to some target schools. Don’t wait until 2008.

  2. I saw in the tv news last nite that “Sarawak is to develop more Bumiputra enterprenuers”. Any details on this program?

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