When the people voted them, this is what they get in return..

My family took time off during the Christmas break and drive back to our village located in the interior of the Betong Division in Sarawak.

When we reached Nanga Budu, we were surprised by the present of logging machineries and the extraction of timber from neighbouring communal land nearby.



What came out of our mind immediately was – they never gave up eh!! The concession owner was not published but the names of the contractors are put up at the logging camp.

Below is the area that was awarded to Vita Hill Sdn. Bhd. and Karisma Timber Sdn. Bhd. The red circle is the location of the logging camp photo above.


What the Iban community lost due to this extraction is the cool climate as pictured below.

Cool Climate

The road leading to Nanga Gerenjang which is not affected (hopefully).

Ulu Krian

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