The Penans, Grand Old Lady and MCC

Petronas Science Museum

The PETRONAS Science Museum is getting popular among tourist coming to Miri Resort City and with the current DinoTrek, it is sure a hit among young children wishing to learn about the prehistoric era.

However, with the Visit Malaysia Year 2007 just around the corner, it is sad to note that MCC and PETRONAS failed to equip the road leading to the museum with better infrastructure regardless of Miri being the earliest oil producing town in Malaysia. Its a big contrast when compared to the PETRONAS Twin Tower in Kuala Lumpur.

Road to the Science Museum

The road is narrow and lack safety railings. It is not lighted at night despite the sub-station being located down the hill which is less than a kilometer away. Even the road to Kampung Baru in Kuala Lumpur is 10 times better than this. Heii… without the mineral resources your Twin Tower will not be there!

On the brighter side, below is the breath-taking view of Lambir Hills from Kampung Haji Wahed.

Lambir Hills

And Miri Resort City view with Mega Hotel (we term it as the Golfers’ Inn) in the middle.

Miri City View

I have no complain but MCC should be talking to PETRONAS on the improvement to the road, street lightings and safety aspect to the museum. And, that should be done fast for Mirian to be ready to open thier arms to the tourist come 1st January 2007.

And, heiiii… even the Penans are better equipped with hi-tech satellite maps to assist them in their blockage in upper Baram!

Star, 13 December 2006

Learn from the Penan if MCC is to be the gateway to Northern Sarawak.

3 thoughts on “The Penans, Grand Old Lady and MCC”

  1. i was in miri last october and i paid a visit the museum u mentioned and i was actually wondering about the same problems u mentioned here. the road leads to the top is one thing. i also noticed that there is lacks of proper signboard in miri. of course we r familiar with our place, but not to the visitors. and i wish to add that i was actually disappointed whn they decided to renewed the old China Street into modern structure. if we look back at Miri’s history, that China Street was part of history. i’ve been to Malacca last year and noticed that the Malacca authority actually has special contractors specialising in maintaining / repairing old structure. i saw they did the work but i forgot to take pictures of them. hopefully they’ll look into these matters. but i think it’s already too late.

  2. They have started work on China Street since end of December 2006. The work is carry out on the middle portion of China Street. I will try to get a good shot of the subject when passing through.

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