When they themselves got it wrong!

Miri City Council

Obviously, the brochure wasn’t properly checked for correct information. Or probably the designer was from outside Miri and not knowing the correct URL is http://www.miricouncil.gov.my

Well, I don’t think its as cepat and as mudah as claim by the MCC Team. With so many small round things to scratch, it took us longer and no many of us who are working have that time to sit down and scratch here and there. We prefer the older one – cucuk here and there and that’s it!

Whatever, it is, we sure need the smallest coin – the One Sen coin to be handy in our cars and not to make mistake cos’ we can’t patch up the mistake!

I would prefer the “touch-n-park” system. Reload coupons be available. All the attendance need to do is just tag it and see if we have enough credit to the coupon.

Overall – I rate this move as “not practical” due to one simple reason – the circles are too small for us to quickly scratch it and not make any mistake.

Hopefully all the senior citizen do not shake their hands too much!

3 thoughts on “When they themselves got it wrong!”

  1. not pratical mistake , how can they overlook such mistake. and I strongly agree with your suggestion this will be so much convenience to everyone.

  2. Sc, at least MCC have got rid of the ugly arch near the traffic light leading to the airport. The arch do not even reflect a good architecture plus design. It was just a small upgrade from those I seen back in my childhood years.

    Ads? Hahahah.. they could earn money if its done properly. But then we see only a handful of it here in the ‘city’.

    The unseen Tourism Walk. When I saw the wooden pole, my heart broke! As usual we will see something very wooden in contrast of the expectation of the young patrons of Miri.. I am pretty sure that they would love to see some funky and modern outside dining places.

    At least a graphic ads of what we would be expecting!

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