Too much of the ‘Melayu’ stuff

 Keng Yaik

Have UMNO forgotten that Malaysia is a multi racial country? Probably they did not but when there’s so much of Melayu talk, it becomes too obvious that we (the minority) do not exist in Malaysia.

And, when they’s too much Melayu in everything, we are more lightly to be sidelined.

And, when they’s too much Melayu, they became unsensitive to issues like the demolition of the temple in Ipoh. The almost a riot infront of the church, just because someone send a sms message that Datuk Azhar will be leading a group of Muslim for baptism, etc.

On the contrary, when we are seen as too Dayak, we are branded as a racist. When they shouted Melayu, they are not racist because they are the majority. But, when we are the majority in Sarawak, we can’t do that openly in the media.

And, in the end, they ask us to keep quiet or face the consequences. Who started it anyway??

2 thoughts on “Too much of the ‘Melayu’ stuff”

  1. Malaysia practices a politics of ‘numbers’: that the ‘majority’ Bumis have a RIGHT to rule over the other minorities. To hear a ‘Bumi’ Iban talk critically about ‘Melayu’ Bumi hegemony really begs the question about WHO exactly has a right to political power in M’sia.

  2. I have to ask myself why do the Royal Malaysia Police keep visiting my parked blog?

    Anyway, that is the nature of power and influence, expressed through the highest Office in the land.

    UMNO as a political party, has been legitimately in authority since independence, albeit with a few minor hiccups along the way. Malay nationalism is the vehicle for UMNO’s careful use of propaganda, though clumsily done, seeing that most have their snouts in the Oil trough. It can’t be helped, criticism will invariably arise if and when a policy implemented fails to deliver.

    In the case of the Dayak community, support for UMNO’s policies is at an all time high, at 101%. Voting behaviour demands it so, and the Barisan Nasional is led by UMNO.

    So, a Dayak is a Borneo native, who could either choose to take part in his or her own political movement or, as they say, if you can’t beat them, join them.Can’t be all that bad?

    Now how many Dayaks on government education schemes studying abroad??

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