Tanah Tumboh

Tanah Tumboh

To the Iban family, the presence of “tanah tumboh” brings good luck and prosperity. The higher the deposit, the more luck is expected to fall upon the family of the place where the deposit is located.

Tanah Tumboh at Dit, Debak

This “tanah tumboh” is located at Dit, Debak in the Betong Division.

What do you think of this theory and phenomena?

4 thoughts on “Tanah Tumboh”

  1. Great scott! what are those hills? whatzit made of? and it’s supposed to bring luck? this is the first i’ve heard of it… Interesting! can i make a feature article on this? who should i contact? you?

  2. Nama kebuah tanah tumbuh nya enda tau di buai..enti amai tanah nya bisi meri nasip manah, nama kitak bisi ninga rita org ke ngumbuan tanah tumbuh nya, dudi ari kaya raja…

  3. Hi UchuKeling. There’s one ‘tanah tumboh’ at my grandparents’ residence in Batu Niah. My grandpa had planned to remove it. The night before the renovation works were to commence, grandpa had a weird dream. An ancestor appeared in his dream warning him not to remove the ‘tanah tumboh’ otherwise the family wealth would be depleted. So, we decided to leave the ‘tanah tumboh’ alone. Oh yes, that area does have a lot of termites. =)

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