Nurturing it from young age

Congratulations to our young students, Jupa Lutau and Jessica William of SK Kuala Binyo on their 5As result. The effort of the students, principal and PIBG should become an example to other schools. With a smaller population and higher teacher-student ratio, more 5As students should be produced from rural schools.

SK Kuala Binyo

Road Safety
While we still celebrate the achievement of rural Iban students, I strongly support the move by our Deputy Chief Minister, YB Datuk Amar Tan Sri Dr. Alfred Jabu and the Road Safety Department on the introdution road safety education programme in primary schools starting next year.

Road Safety

It should be introduce to the Form One and Transition class too. We have seen and read many accidents involving students at these age range. If only we can see the structure of this programme, I am sure we can help out while doing our educational talks and motivation in schools in the Miri Division.

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