Mongolian model shot and bomb!

Razak Baginda

Where did she went wrong and lead to her abduction and murder? Was it an affair that went burst? Did she held some important information on our Defense policy?

Multidimid have the latest news on this case.

One thought on “Mongolian model shot and bomb!”

  1. She probably did hold some sensitive security information, thus prompted the ‘erasing’ episode. I still dont understand how anyone could let someone who’s been so close, to die so gruesomely. or maybe it wasnt his intention to completely erase her, maybe the assasins just misunderstood. i wont be surprised either if he came up innocent and all this while it was someone else’s agenda… like his humiliated wife. or another ex lover. or bla bla bla… the conspiracy never end. what I DONT UNDERSTAND IS… how could he be arrested when they couldnt even determine that was HER body up there until a week later? we Malaysians just like to jump the gun dont we. What if it hadnt been HER body, wouldnt that be triple the embrassment on both sides? sigh…………….

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