Missing MPs

I still remembered the time and money spend for ‘balik kampung’ during our general elections. The high hope we have for the person we voted for. While we put the cross on the ballot paper, we have a vision and hope of what we wanted our representative to do for the people that he/she represented.

Election is over, UMNO Convention is over too and our Prime Minister is away for the APEC Summit in Hanoi. And, errr… so were our elected Members of Parliament!

Missing MPs

What happen to the MP’s Report Card system introduce a few years back? We haven’t heard of any rep being punish for being absence or not doing anything to help the raykat. Neither do we heard of our local rep responding immediately to the needy in time of disaster or accident.

How we adore the rep in West Malaysia for being close to the people. If only Sarawak have more people like Dato Sri Tiong (Bintulu) or YB Wan Tunku Junaidi (Batang Lupar), I am sure Malaysia will be moving faster towards becoming an industrial nation.

With our MPs missing during the Dewan sessions, how could we be sure that they have done enough to get the educational project done by end 2007! We are sure to be left behind again and again.

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