Call to all the Tuai Rumah (Village Head)

I must congratulate Tr. Richard and his JKKK who have successfully put their longhouse on the web at!!

And, of course the credit should also go to Desmond Jerukan, who I think is behind the existence of the website. Yeahhh… menyadek, you are always there.

Nevertheless, I love to see more website of this nature on the web, since we are having more IT savvy occupants in the longhouse… even the kids knows internet nowadays!

Supplement to that, I hope to see a more transparent plans, targets and achievement on the implementation of wireless broadband to connect this longhouses to the world wide web. Once, I did hear of a project to implement wireless broadband in the Betong Division, but until today, nothing concrete on that. If it happen, I will be the first to go back to my longhouse to live, work and being connected at the same time.

7 thoughts on “Call to all the Tuai Rumah (Village Head)”

  1. I was thinking we can start E-Song, E-Pakan and E-Betong? Most of the E-things have been done in the Bario and Bakalelalan and Bedian. I have the feeling there is only two of us trying to bring these rural Dayak heartlands to the online community….

  2. Well, the other rural communities can learn from the achievements of eBario. I am sure we can get some satellite disc and an Internet account to get our ePakan, eSong, eBetong to be online!

    All we need – a satellite disc, a server, few workstations, an electrical generator/solar, a trainer (we can use some of the teachers available), a research centre (an agriculture or Persatuan Peladang centre).. and lots of Dayaks who wants to surf the Net and check their email.

    Just what we use to do throughout the local Councils, plus all the new equipment and technologies.

    Can be done.. SMALL Matter nya bos!

  3. Dr. Johnicol asked for the status of E-Pakan. How is it bos, as he heard Dato Sri keep mentiooning it … maybe he wans E-Engkilili :) U worked out the costing n submit to him so he can submit to ICT Unit.

  4. I will sit down with the guys this weekend, as all of us will be in Miri to celebrate the 4th SPDP Anniversary.

    Anything you would add to the paper, do email me before Friday.

  5. The technical aspect n financial aspect u have to get Unimas or easier Curtin people to do the figures. ICT Unit will look at the technical components and tie it with the financial components. That one really need a consultant to do it bos. Our side here only allocate $$$.

  6. That makes it sound so complicated! Can’t we just use some MRP fund to engage our own satellite installer from Kuching (a few knows how to do it). Its just what decorder we use and which satellite we beam to. I know of a KL-based company that offers Internet connectivity at less than 100k per annum. Server might cost less than 10k for 5 CAL, and workstations, we can use the existing one in the centers (school).

    So, for less than 200k .. we can have our own e-PROJEK.

    The training part, can use the Council fund maa…

    Why want to make it so complicated?

  7. If u r looking at it from that angle, it can be done but you have to ask YB Dato Sri how he wants it :) Will he want to use his MRP fund if he knows that there are other funds lying around ready to be used?

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