The Penans and SUHAKAM

nst14102006.jpgThis is another news that we won’t be reading in our local Sarawak tabloid or paper. Again, I am wondering if the Politics of Development had overlooked on the Penan and probably other ethnic group. On the name of development, some may need to sacrifice and live poorer, while the few owners of big corporation laughing their heart to the banks.


2 thoughts on “The Penans and SUHAKAM”

  1. Well, the Penans’ environment is threatened, but guess who controls the media and forestry in S’wak? How will a few hunter-gatherers who roam the forests as itinerent users prevent the money from growing on the trees???

  2. Where are our leaders? They should be alert. Don’t forget about the minority in Sarawak. They are human like us. Furthermore, they need guidence and information. They should involve in our developement and should gine them what they deserve.

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