A word of thanks to the Education Ministry

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I must extend my thanks to the Education Ministry for getting the Iban Language as a subject in Sarawak schools next year. Its a dream come true to many educationist in Sarawak and a big achievement for those at Majlis Adat Istiadat.

Although I may not be going back to school, but I will be getting the text book for my own reference. LOL – back to school again for me (I guess)!!

7 thoughts on “A word of thanks to the Education Ministry”

  1. Err… other than preserving the language itself and culture, i fail to see what other benefits they (the students) could possibly gain. Unless the workmarket and economy in the future changed somewhat in our community, esp perse, the govt. Furthermore, if preservation is the main aim, why then arent there any efforts to do the same with other native languages, given that they are minorities compared to Ibans and more so in danger of extinction? Learning just for fun and knowledge, then? Not really worth the time. That cud work if it’s a co-curilar or optional subject.

    Just an opinion. Sigh. The new govt now is starting to change radically, and not all are wise or positive.

  2. Uchu Keling, I think this is the best news so far this year, or so far in the last 40 years.

    Ladydin- To you it may appear needless, however to me, Iban is an official language in Sarawak, and so are other minority languages. Language as you are aware, is a key signifier to culture and all the more so, in this globalised world. So I welcome, the government’s efforts to introduce Bahasa Iban as part of our national heritage.

    As for key skills, Malaysians have proven time and again to be flexible and bilingual, as you can see from the Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan.

  3. UK, aduh tu baru iya..am so glad the language is officially making its comeback!! It has been since my junior secondary days bisi ampit..the last and almost dead breed ku kitai. I am one of those many ti begunaka textbup ehh. But why all of a sudden or rather slowly inching to reality neh? What changes their mind?
    Good move I must say.

  4. Apai Salleh.
    I didnt say it is needless, in fact I kinda like the idea too. I just said why and for what real purpose? It is an official language of coz, so are many other minor tongues.
    You know, sometimes I think some of the decisions made by our leaders are questionable. Hmm… but who am I to say right? maybe someone shud do a survey and see what other ppl think.

  5. groovytuai and all, it is good to have an Iban translated version of Benedict Sandin’s work.

  6. Pengawa ti ngajar jaku Iban diajar di sekula sigi lama udah dipejalaika tang semina naka tikas PMR. Perintah nengah akta Pelajar 1996 endang meransang jaku etnik dipelajarka ba sekula. Naka kediatu bisi tiga bansa jaku etnik ti bisi diajar di sekula ianya jaku Semai di Semananjung, jaku Iban di Sarawak enggau jaku Kadazandusun di Sabah.Jaku Semai semina dijar ba tikas primari. Jaku Kadazandusun deka diajar sampai peringkat PMR 2009. Nama kebuah jaku bansa etnik bukai enda diajar di sekula? 1. Mesti bisi urang minta ia diajar 2. Mesti bisi urang sanggup ngajar 3. Mesti bisi urang sanggup belajar lalu ke 4. mesti bisi kereban dikena ngajar enggau belajar. Naka ke temu aku sida raban bansa Bidayuh bisi ati deka jaku sida diajar ba sekula. Tang pengawa merambu utai tu lama laban enda mayuh urang sanggup ngereja – sanggup mantah sereta sanggup ngambu lebuh udah mujur – nya baru mayuh!

  7. Teaching Iban language in school is long overdue. But what I think is equally lacking is for M’sian students to learn pan-Malaysian (multi-ethnic) history, rather than the current Malay/Melayu-centric history. How many Iban/non-Iban students know that S’wak’s 1st CM is an Iban and how he was pushed out by strong ethnic sentiments from KL??? We cannot appreciate the country for what it is if we see/learn it through only only dominant perspective.

    But as with all things in M’sia, one baby step at a time lah….

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