Its back to the Crocs

The World Cup is over (ya ya Zizou made a mess out of it) and it is about time we look back at our local football scene.

I read the papers that Sarawak is on its 5th unbeated run! Wow.. I must congratulate coach Jalil Ramli for the achievement. It has been a long time since Sarawak is on the winning track and winning 1-0 back home in Kuching against Pahang was great. However, it was sad that only about 1,000 fans celebrated the goal by Safee Sali, who needed 90 mins to score.

Keep winning and hopefully we will see the fans coming back to the State Stadium and revive the spirit of Ngap Sayot!!

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5 thoughts on “Its back to the Crocs”

  1. seriously? 5th unbeaten run? thats not unheard of, they used to be better than that. now, all they’re down to is ‘jaguh kpg’, and i dont even know what went wrong. It’s not the coach, its probably just no source of motivation and ppl are already losing hope. unlike those days….

    hello… still cant guess who i am? OMG. ask Desmond.

  2. U mean Desmond oso didnt know?
    what? thats preposterous! haha

    Good for u. of coz Fran didnt ever do sport. so that leaves the superwoman. Yeay for UK! *shake heads* slow…

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