4 thoughts on “Exactly what I told some graduates few years back”

  1. makes u wonder why there are so many unemployed grads out there. having a degree nowadays is nothing, most everyone can have it, so where’s the cool thing in that? besides, it’s not like they even know what they enrolled in in the first place.

  2. The art of mastering application like Microsoft (the cheapest way) is to read and understand its Help files and of course joining their newsgroup.

    We tend to ignore the dialog boxes questions and attempt to answer it based on what we are doing at that time.

    Click click click…

  3. subject on ICT is not something one could just learn without application.back at uni its not my favourite subject coz its like fishing.It takes patience and passion.Despite my lack of skill due to my lack of interest I dont want to be left behind.During my free time I apply what Ive learned.Nganti enda dikena tau lenyau utai ti dipelajar.Lubah2 enda ngawa coz at the end of the day you’ll reach your destination.

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