World Cup and the Dayaks


30% of the population of Sarawak are Dayaks, and when 20% of the population do not have the previlege to view the world cup, it means a lot still need to be done by the Dayak representatives in the Barisan Nasional to counter this issue.

Its been a while since I last post on my blog due to heavy workload and responsibilities. Gawai is over and now I am involve in organising the divisional level Gawai Dinner in Miri, which is to be held on 23rd June.

Meanwhile, I hope the Dayak reps must acknowledge that those generator-powered longhouse are what the people have done to themselve and not what you (the BN elected candidates) have done to the people.

Your job is to bring in the treated water supply, the electricity lines from SESCO, the broadband facilities from Streamyx.

Happy Gawai!

One thought on “World Cup and the Dayaks”

  1. Steady sida Inek & AKi ku ba banting ulih enggau org meda FC worldCup 2006.
    Udah bisi SESCO 24jam datai ba menua ulu kami din :-p
    Nadai ngena injin api aka generator agik ;-)

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