Will it be the end of the road for RumahDayak.com?

Dear all supporters of RumahDayak.com,

I have decided to put a pullstop to the portal for the time being. The portal have been constantly getting distributed denial of service attacks to its destination IP, and because they are distributed and throwing a very large amount of bandwidth at the network there’s nothing I or my technical personnel can do but continue to block the IPs at the router level via ACLs (blocking the IPs in the firewall or VPS will do nothing).

Yesterday they launched another attack and my provider has stated if the attacks don’t stop they have no choice but to null route the destination IP (their right, not our choice).

I can’t keep spending my money and my supporters fund to counter this kind of attack. If it makes the attacker happy, then go and have a good beer, cos’ I am putting a pullstop to the portal.

There’s no more portal.

Note: We may need to cancel all the activities too, including the dinner on 11th June, 2006. To jacmatest and josten, your refund will be bank-in appropriately.

Thank you and it has been nice knowing all of you out there.


Just for your info: Malaysian Computer Crime Act, 1997

And, elsewhere… while we feel so sad about losing a great portal, people are thinking, planning and building structures that past our Twin Towers, and we are still trying to knock off one another even in cyber space from the days of the iRC until now – that’s too good to show the level of unity in the modern and young Dayak generation(s) to come.

50 thoughts on “Will it be the end of the road for RumahDayak.com?”

  1. Why do we have to postpone the dinner on June 11. Why not use print media for any publicity for the time being since the portal is stopped. I know the print medias are very helpful.

  2. What is the point of having ‘a’ RumahDayak.com dinner when the domain is just an empty 1-page site?

    Obviously someone out there just wants us to be OFFline. And I am only fulfilling their request.

    TO counter means to spend money.

  3. I thought you are going ahead with the Police Report. If you let yourself be bullied by these people, you will be only declaring a surrender….go ahead with the Police Report and we can try to see the extent of our Cyber Laws, whether they are effective or not. If they can do it to you they can do it to others….

    I agree with Anak Bidayuh – that just becoz the website is down the dinner need not be postponed or canceled. after all its the gathering of Internet Users in Miri for the purpose of Gawai Gathering or Gempuru.

    As I have mentioned in my previous Blogs on RP.CoM and RD.CoM – these are the pioneers of a Virtual Community, both with its own objectives. The closure of RD.com does not mean the end of the ties and relationship set originally by RD.com. The closure deprives the opportunity to get together for Miri virtual members.

  4. This a sad day for me UK, damned to those bastard for the actions they made and going to make in the future. Their life will condemned.

    Sad again. Wish you would reinstate it again UK I have much news jokes and etc… for the forum. I know there are many others but this had been a very friendly site for me. I will be missing all those smilling faces there.

    Again Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban UK. There must be a way to block all those sengsam cyber works.

  5. TL, thank you for your concern. Well, we can go with a Police Report and incident report to MyCert, but just like what DJ said, I am not sure how the Malaysian Police will handle this issue cos’ 1. we need to identify to whom (the attacker) it will be address to; 2. what are the Malaysian laws that handle this kind of issue; 3. will it cover Malaysian owned website being hosted oversea; and 4. how long will it take for the whole preceeding.

    And, it all materialise, I would spend thousands (and so will/have my good friends who have chipped in to the Charity Pot).

    And, just imagine when I submit the network log to the Police officer… can he read it? Will it be sure that my network report be treated in its highest safety and confidentiality.

    It is a long process, bro! And, I hate long processes.. just like the case of my previous employment, where I could just go to the labout office and log my report and wait for the next 10-15 years for the case to be handle and deal with.

    The best solution is on the hands of the fellow Malaysian who did those things.. WHY?

  6. Hello uncle, just like what uncle TL has said, it’s also a sad day not only for me, but for most of us who’ve spent much time foruming or just chit chatting in your forum..:'( it’s where i’ve learned and discovered so many things,meeting new people and so many more..really cant believe the “dengki” ones would go that far to stop you..anyways,just want to thank you,uncle,bcoz of your portal,i’ve met great people, i’ve learned good lessons, so much more..Thank You so much for giving me a great experience through rd.com!!!!Indeed,there’d be no other place i would EVER find like RD.COM!!:'( God Bless.

  7. Hello uncle, just like what uncle TL has said, it’s also a sad day not only for me, but for most of us who’ve spent much time foruming or just chit chatting in your forum..:'( it’s where i’ve learned and discovered so many things,meeting new people and so many more..really cant believe the “dengki” ones would go that far to stop you..anyways,just want to thank you,uncle,bcoz of your portal,i’ve met great people, i’ve learned good lessons, so much more..Thank You so much for giving me a great experience through rd.com!!!!Indeed,there’d be no other place i would EVER find like RD.COM!!:'( God Bless.

  8. Story of the Day

    Subject: Kisah Ketam

    Tak lama dulu ada seorang melayu yang ingin makan lauk ketam. Pada pagi tu
    dia pergilah ke pasar borong dan berjalan ke satu kedai milik cina yang menjual ketam.

    Melayu: Apek! Itu ketam ada jual ka?
    Cina: Ada…ada…lu mau ketam cina ka ketam melayu?

    Melayu: Aik! Ketam pun ada melayu dengan cina ka apek? Cuba lu tunjuk mana
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    Cina: Itu sana dalam bekas ada tutup…ketam cina……sana dalam bekas tak ada tutup…ketam
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    Melayu: Apa pasal ketam cina apek kasi tutup…ketam melayu apek tak
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    Cina: Itu ketam cina kalau satu ekor keluar…yang lain akan tengok dan
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    Melayu: Ketam melayu tak itu macam ka?
    Cina: Ketam melayu, kalau satu ekor keluar yang lain kasi tarik itu kaki ketam tadi…jangan kasi
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    Kalau dia sudah keluar, dia terus lari, tak mau ajar yang lain macam mana mau keluar.

    Begitulah cerita ketam melayu dengan ketam cina. Hakikatnya, jika orang
    cina berniaga….cina lain tak kacau…dia tengok aje dan belajar macam mana boleh berjaya.
    Cina dah berjaya tu pulak, akan ajar cina lain agar berjaya jugak.
    Kalau orang melayu, bila satu melayu nak berjaya, melayu lain akan guna
    apa saja supaya melayu tu jatuh balik. Macam ketam melayu, bila sekor ketam dah berjaya nak naik,
    ketam lain tarik kaki dia, at last sorang pun tak dapat naik . Lepas tu mulala bergaduh sesama
    sendiri. Itulah hakikat sebenar sekarang ini. sebab tu melayu tak maju ….Nak
    maju kenalah ubah nasib kita ini supaya lebih competitive. Bukan semuanak kena ‘spoon feed’. Mesti
    tunjuk usaha (EFFORT) yang betul. Otherwise , kita semua akan jadi bahan sejarah.
    Bak kata Karam Singh Walia …’Ke langit tak cecah ke bumi tak sampai…

  9. Sayau amai pengelelak kitai ngelama tok ka niki ke RD.com ngagai ke level ke paling tinggi agik. Arap ke uncle UK ulih begiga ke jalai lain niki ke RD pulai baru, kami ke bala raban RD tok sigi nyukung belama, taja pan pemandai/pemisi enda tentu tang aku tetap nulung/nyukung naka ulih meh.

    Ari RD.com tok aku bulih maioh amai kaban. Enti nadai RD tok.. enda aku ngelala sapa Uchu Keling, sapa PipitManchal, sapa Chi chi, sapa vampire, sapa Igatjoe, sapa InduEmunGaya, sapa Manchalman, sapa etc…

    Penudi sekali, aku arap kitai ulih bertemu baru dalam dunya virtual RD.com ver 2 enti bc ilak, lalu ngarap ke dunya baru tok ilak lebih selamat ari utai ke jaik2.

    Ok, mupok aku…

    (Donny Joseph)

  10. Lets us look forward and think on how we could persist and later see how we could deal with these penyangak, I guess if all of us curse the person sooner or later it will fall on his head, yes It should be a challenges not a problem UK.

    Let see, as long you still keep the whole package there we will try later to look for a land that is surrounded by hills like Bario or Kelabit Highland mmmm… Sorry wai asai ke berandau lam forum gak aku dah….

  11. It’s sad, really. I just don’t know what happened and what’s the motive behind all this attacks.
    I made my research about ddos in wikipedia, and they have plenty of ways on how to counter it.
    Hope that helps.
    I don’t want to see RD.com to die before its time :(

  12. Oh My God!
    Terkenyit amat aku utai tok nyadi.

    Antu juak hacker neh…
    Sama relax dulu meh bala kitai.
    Layan Blog masing2x.

  13. Ahhh.. nyu dah baka forum blog UK tok dikerja kitai.. ahaha.. Sigi baka nadai endur berteduh agik…

  14. UK, I don’t want you to give up on RD.com permanently. There are other solutions in the pipeline, just park the operations for the website in the next couple of months, while we develop out “Dayak Blog” Hub Network. Once we get the Dayak blogosphere really rolling, we can work in tandem with the other member forums, before we relaunch RD.com.

    Just see us “Work in progress”

  15. What a shame.


    As an alternative, you guys and former members of RP could set up a Yahoo Group or something similar to keep in touch and organise activities.

  16. So sad. When we are talking about internet portal, business and forum.. security is the most important thing. Baka deka ngentak ke rumahpanjai.. manah betiang ke kayu tebelian ukai kayu engkabang tauka purang. Enti sema rd.com di diri ke baru jemah ila arap ke ulih diinstall enggau security ti lebih tinggi awak ke tusah deka dikayau urang.. kayau global.

  17. Reply to bro Fisher.

    Actually brother UK ulih niri ke rumah ngena kayu tebelian, tang nyak meh cost ia besai amai since RD tok non-profit portal, so tusah amai UK ka manage ia since sumber2 nadai cukup. Bulan tok ajak uncle UK udah spent more than RM4K kena defend ari DDOS, tambah mega the last VPS dikena kitai dlm bulan tok ajak ialah server ke-3. Enti semua member ka donate every month ngagai RD.com, aku rasa penanggul bakatu ulih di adu laban RD kira bc budget kena nyewa extra security features…

    “The solution to a problem will create more new problems.”

  18. I think the issue here, is that we have to accept UK’s decision. My suggestion is consolidate what we have, and maintain a Blogging Network together with the Member Forums. That should be easy enough.

    There is no point in maintaining the Forum, if say, every 3 weeks, UK and his team need to cope with a massive DOS attack. It defeats our initial purpose as a Dayak community portal however it does not alter the existence of a Dayak Internet Network. Right now, UK is being sensible by not expending anymore effort.

    I suppose in the future, Rumahdayak.com will be revived in a different, more influential website design format. 2.2 Million hits a month for the last RD.com means that at the moment, UK has a working plan, and future development of a new RD, is a possibility. Right now, we all need to halt our activities as regards RD.com, because the DOS expense outweighs the efforts.

    It cannot be that we are just innocent victims of a group of hackers. Remember, in the course of 1 year only we have had to deal with at least 3 massive attacks against RD.com, and previously against RP.com. So it is obvious, someone, somewhere is deliberately targeting us as a group, intentional or otherwise.

    The best thing right now, is to express solidarity with UK on this, and support whichever way we can. There will be another Dayak community portal in the future, but for now, it is all hands on deck with the new Umai in Blogging and pioneer Cyber territory for Dayak Internet.


    Apai Salleh

  19. To Mac,

    Yahoo is another format that would be assessed, but i don’t recollect it being a popular format.

    We have Ibanonline, Ibanheadhunteronline, Ruai Apai and Rumahpanjai respective Forums.

    The sad thing today is that our premier Dayak symbol has been taken down for awhile, while we discuss other options and alternatives, to keep it in use. RD.com will be revived eventually, but in a different format, and probably with community costs involved.

    We have come a long way in 2 years of Cyber jungle. It will be different in 5 years from now. But as UK says, we Dayaks evolve.

  20. Bro Temenggung

    I’m talking about ‘lebih baik mencegah daripada mengubati’. If rd.com is a non-profit portal then make it become a profit portal using paid ads, refferal banner or google adsense since the traffic is high. Then UK can make a huge profit from it to pay maintenance fees. When its become big we need to be serious.


  21. Well…, what else can I say. It’s just too sad to all of us. But I agreed that this is not going to be the end of the road for RD. hope we (the Dayak members) can be together, hand to hand giving our support whichever way we can to UK as what Apai Salleh have said.

    UK, should the event on the 11th June cancel, I would suggest to have that event to be changed to a small gathering among the Dayak members… since that most of the members will be available during that time, I think it is gonna be the right time for us to discus lots of things among us on how to resolve and rebuild RD.COM.

    Please think about it.

  22. Well said, perhaps we should concentrate with our blog and create an impact. That will be cool :p
    And I also agree with the idea about turning rumahdayak into something profitable. There’s a lot of ways, maybe you want to turn it into something like myspace, who knows? :p
    That would be cool. It’s in my list of next project. But if there’s anyone wanna do it first, I am gonna be happy to see that :)

  23. Dear UK,

    I was totally shock this early morning that RD.Com has being fully shut down.It was sad for everybody throughout Sarawak, West Malaysia and those who are in overseas which they felt that they always close to their homeland.After read all the comments by our members, it seem that we need a hugh amount of moneys to run it back together with stronger protection to the Website. Therefore UK, i would like to recommend in order to get this money, one of it we can make a fun rising activities such as dinner, etc. As my part in order to help our ‘longhouse’ rebuilt agains, i will try my best to get some fund from other resources.

    We as a group member or in another word as a ‘Big Family’, we will always stay behind and support you.

    Don’t let others laugh at us UK…Have strength and confident….

    Best Regards,

    Igat Joe.

  24. Don’t worry guys.. RumahDayak.com is a brand name in the making and I will keep it that way. Meanwhile, I have been getting calls from various Iban on the issue, and it is very encouraging to me.

    We will be going beyond just a portal, that’s my commitment to the Iban community..

    Sabar semua :D and thank you for your support.

  25. Jac, yup its is on. Probably change of tempo and 10th June – Saturday Nite out for the RD.com family in Miri. Its open to all the other Dayak Internet users too.

  26. Agi tu selalu ngabas just incase pintu RD buka kekekeke…..

    UK gaga meh bak Blog tu cara ala Forum dulu mmm say bisi jalai mega endor kitai mansut ke gambar sereta bukai…. Beteduh meh kami ditu nganti rumah berdiri baru…..

  27. I think, who ever the attacker is, looser, jerks and a chicken. But anyway, kitai anang ngalah, agi idup agi ngelaban y. Sayau nang amat sayau aku ke RD. Tu meh satu-satu iya tempat ndur kitai beteduh ba dunia saiber tu. Sinu mat…isk..isk…sk…Mungkin ga kejadian DOS attack nya ukai directly ka attack kitai (RD.com). Maybe bisi orang pedis hati ngagai hosting providernya (dendam lama la katakan). Lapa enda ngena local hosting provider? Anyway, just my suggestion.

  28. hi guys, what a surprised to hear for what had happen to RD.COM.
    whoever involved in that attack is a jerk and totally out of their mind. they are not belong to our community and if we happen to catch them in the future, we should burn them alive.

    Hope UK and da gang will manage to rebuild the portal and that the community of DAYAK will be able to communicate with each others once again. i love RD.COM and i just don’t have much time to log on lately due to limited of time, kinda of bz…

    Anyway, wish ya all a Gawai Dayak 2006 – KH

  29. ngarap ke smua jalai ngau lancar meh.. specially gathering bala maya 10 ari bulan 6 tuk lagi.. juz can wish u all happy gathering n enjoy the nite.. regarding to rd.com website.. hope it would b back wif new face n bring more unity among members.. peaceee.. ;)

  30. UK,
    Might as well cancel the gathering. Members can meet sometime, somewhere in Miri in a small gathering to discuss matters of common interest later on. This might not be a good time for us. At this time, who knows, alot of people knows how to sabotage people’s effort like RD.com.

    Anyway, for further interest in Iban cultures, visit my web site http://gnmawar.blogspot.com. Its my first attempt in blogging (not yet expert). Hope it’s of service to interested members.

  31. iam a new member.i support this web.i thinked our ibans comunitty should get know the point of this web pages.its good to unite our comunitty.for those that have a profesional skills should be encourage 2 joint this web for good.

  32. pengayau7, thank you ke suggestion nuan. RD have different mission and vision. Unfortunately starting iya bakanya, tang what to do, we have paid for the hosting and everything. We are not there to compete but to supplement (where needed and required). On issue of whether its boring or not, its too general to conclude, but we welcome everyone regardless of age, ethnicity, profession, religion and most of all, we love to promote national integrity and unity for Malaysian.

  33. UK, nama kabuah aku enda ulih muka portal RumahDayak.com?Dah seminggu aku nguji muka tapi enda ulih. I really miss the randau there. Please enlighten me. Are we under attack again?

  34. i miss rd….. huhuhuhu

    sinu amai aku. arap ka achan tauka ganing ulih ngemantai ka pengelengau kitai agai rd.com

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