Taman Selera, Miri Resort City

Children Section

Last Saturday, I brought my kids to the children playground at Taman Selera, which is located at Tanjong Lobang Beach. Taman Selera (I believe) is one of the oldest beach recreational area in Malaysia. I have know this place since I was in my infant years. After 39 years, it is still standing and new modern facilities added to it; along with the pace of development in the now resort city of Miri.


Across the road (in the background), we can still see the old government barracks and single houses. Many have been demolished and cleared to give way for new apartments and shophouses.

Car park

The City Hall have also added more parking bay (above) and renovated the old one, and this is how it look like now.


Taman Selera comes with two of these wave breaker turn watch bay. It was built by PJB Enterprise, one of the Iban-owned construction company based in Kuching. A cool spot for those who loves to experience the sunset.

Food outlet

We can also enjoy the seafood offered by various stall operators at the park. There are Chinese, Malay and native operators offering cuisine from seafood to local traditional fried midin and sate.

Despite the questionable quality of tables and chairs, the food is of high standard and quality. Good value for our money!


The sighting of this rare clear sky sunset is most welcome to the photographers in Miri. Mine was taken using Nikon CoolPix 4500 using the Sunset mode.


My outing last Saturday could end with good memories if not due to this unbearable bad smell from the drain that comes from the various stall at the park. The City Hall need to look into their drainage system especially this one. It gave a bad impression to the diners. To make it worst, the wind that blows from the sea would carry the smell to the diners who patron that park.

Bad smell

8 thoughts on “Taman Selera, Miri Resort City”

  1. Yes, it was a good view, I was there several times but not yet when the constructions of that pier for sunsetting seeing.

    I guess I would like to go there some times, UK be our organizer again hehehe….

    Yes, yes get rid of that new Sungai there,…..I believe tha drainage from those stalls could be treated or go into a kolam first before it actually go to tha sea. I am sure the Council could do better than my suggestion…..

  2. Well, you are coming home soon.. so, we can meet up and have jugs of coffee or tea :D

  3. Good snapshots..I see the bukit(jalan)looks familiar! It that what I once knew as Brighton Beach? I bet so. I used to walk that road three or four times a week for the whole year back in 1983!!!!!the beach too all the way to rocky ridges on the other side..hahahhaa.

  4. Yup, that’s Brighton Beach all right. Now the younger generation mostly would call it Taman Selera – must be the influence on B. Melayu in the educational syllabus.

    The road has been improved and it is not that stiff as before with a dual carriage way.

    What is still maintain is the accident rate at the slope.. I have seen a few the past months ;)

  5. I finally found these pix of the taman. Just to let you know that I designed the original food-stalls (minangkabau roofed), pondoks and roller-skating rink (still there?) a long time ago, and it’s nice to see the taman operating still. It was built at the time with whatever funding that was available (very little), but even then it was a very popular gathering spot as there wasn’t anything else in Miri.

    Thanx for posting these pix.

  6. I think the roller-skating ring have been replaced with the new car park.

    Avid skatters can now use the one at Taman Awam just a kilometre uphill.

  7. hehehe……taman selera beach…suitable for kaki pancing…..beach fishing…..hehehehe…and place where i lost my frenz….true frenz since both me n him were kidz…..year 2000 on good friday….

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