Service Interruption at

No, it is not of any billing matters :D

The slight ‘suspension’ is due to our high traffic and extraordinary high volume of queries to the server. When this happen, the server need more resources (those that you see in your Windows Tasks Manager under processes – Alt+Ctrl+Del).

And, currently I am using a Shared Hosting package which seem to be no longer be able to handle the growing portal. To solve this issue and to give a better service to the community, I decided to migrate the portal to a new hosting and to subscribe to a Virtual Private Server hosting package – where the only thing that is not allow is for me to host an IRC service.

12 thoughts on “Service Interruption at”

  1. IC. Noted. I tot’ someone had sponsor RD.COM started early 2006?
    Well that is what I understood from a supportive member of…
    Now, what’s the story?

  2. I’ll use what ever resources that I have at the moment. More sponsorship welcome :D

  3. The technical team is working on it. Sorry for the inconviences, but it is for a better portal :D

  4. DOS attack? Maybe some error like what happened to RP.CoM? No one would have any benefit of doing the DOS thingy to RD.CoM.

  5. DJ, we managed the upgrade perfectly until someone launched the DOS attack early this morning. The suspected IP is within 202.181.96.xx

  6. aiseymen… lama dah sik log in… terkejut dok jua aku bila kena direct kat sitok… he..he..he.. baru aja mok ngorder car sticker… btw, ada lagi stok kah bro?… i’m back in miri now…

  7. Along, lama udah ready.. Ni maia ka ngambi? Vampire85 will be getting his this afternoon. Maybe you can pass him your cash and he’ll get it from me.

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