DOS Attack

Extract of the email from the provider below.

The problem with DDOS attacks as opposed to a DOS attack is that its distributed, meaning that several servers are used from all over the world to attack rather then just one point. This was quite large attack from quite a few diverse ips and well in excess of 100M which your system is up-linked at. Our network administrators will release the ip once the believe the situation has been evaluated and the threat to the network is reduced or eliminated. I will see this is brought back on line as soon as possible. DDOS attacks are considered network abuse and while we release you may have done nothing to invoke this is still a concern and given the account history we have to be certain this is not going to be a reoccurring event. We will let you know when this is available again, please accept our apologise for any inconvenience. We appreciate your understand of both sides of the matter.

Best Regards,

Steve Minter

My latest piece of mind:

This morning we haven’t get the clearance for release of IP from the VPS hosting provider. While, we have to see that the portal must continue to run and serve the Dayak community, we’ll proceed to register with another hosting company.

So much resources and money have been spent this few days and why would anyone among us wants to launch a DOS attack? If the matter continues, I do not see why I should continue to spend the contributors and my own fund and to make the attacker happy.



Posted earlier last week:

We managed to migrate the portal to its new home – our very own Virtual Private Server. Its a new experience to us and it is certainly not easy.

After getting it all up and running since two days ago, we got our first cyber attack early today!  The VPS hosting company website is also down and we can’t access the VPS at 9.11 am today.

Upon checking, we are being assure of a DDOS Shield on the other end and at 11.07 am earlier, we received confirmation about the attack.

Truly a new experience… and on the other hand, who would want to launch a DOS attack on our friendly portal?

22 thoughts on “DOS Attack”

  1. Does this mean that all the posts would be lost ???? You must have some backup ??? Hope the migration retained a lot of the info.

    Anyway, let us know when rumah udah bediri baru.

  2. Email me when everything get to normal UK. I wish i can help but i’m not an IT guys…Well…wishing you good luck to you and all the best chap…

  3. DDOS mentioned might be a random thingy. It might not be targetted at IP but all ip within that ip range. 192.12.87.xx for eg.

    There might be some revengeful souls out there towards the provider, maybe for suspending them etc.

    I have encountered DDOS attack before and its a costly one. Now there are DDOS shields. What it does is block ips that they believe are the orginator of the attack. The shield blocks ips by wildcard meaning they will block based on the ip range. This is done until the orginator stops. This might take a day, a week or a month. They move from one ip to another.

    I don’t believe they are out to attack per se. I believe it attacked the host/provider and all or randomly attack the IPs as well.

  4. oooo…no wonder i try to enter it says something about serever…hhmmm… hopefully it will recover soon…yah i agree with vynne…i don think it’s a personnal attack direct to rd…

  5. its a good portal 2 share ideas n opinion and ofcourse ngerindu ke ati ngau bala kaban.. hope it b back soon..

  6. Which hosting company r u using for this? Just need to know coz I dont know much about the difference. If its David Liaw, he has been pretty good so far as I am using him. Is it the VPS? Or if you had not migrated it would have been different?

  7. I’m sorry for the downtime. Previously, the quite often suspended because over resource utilization because of foruming. The hosting company do not encourage foruming in the first place. Then, the moved to new vps server, 2-3 days later, DDOS attack on that new server, the server is fine but the connectivity overutilized which result inaccessible for outside legitimate visitor. I will try my best to negotiate with the company. Thank you.

  8. emm DDoS ka DoS sama aja jalai ia nyerang. Tang baka weblog tuk patut bisi shield ia empu. Tang amat pen shield nya ulih defend sites tu ari complicated attack, tang bisi certain DDoS tauka DoS simple ulih ngelemah ke sistem. Bakani aku nemu? laban aku empu bisi TERcreate packet nya lalu mega selalu aku ngena packet nya kena aku ngebomb sites ke enda dikerindu ke aku….tang ukai sites kita iban ya……..agi ga mega DDoS tauka DoS attack enda ulih temu dik ia empu exact location amat pen dik nemu IP address ia, in simple term ia attack ari zombie computer… advices try to get update over the hosting and prepared for backup. ya betul DDoS tauka DoS capability ulih musnah ke terus sites nya in more extreme condition siti organization ulih hancur.

  9. Tuai Kayau u talk crap, u have no clues wtf is ddos and dos, its not the same f.u.c.k..e.r! go D.I.E! theres no good defend again this ddos, wut if someone launch null packet to ur portal ? syn/ack packet, dns take down? kill the entire NS domain? can you handle it ?

  10. btw admin ur WordPress got bug, ur database already injected ;) upgrade to the new 1 or sanitise the line in ur php code, chowww! gr33tz t0 Myhack Crew! rocking with the best!!!!!!!!

  11. Try mirroring your site. If both are attacked, you know somebody with bp attitude is after you.

  12. It is a very sad day for RD and me…nadai guna sapa-sapa ngaga pengawa ke bansa nya. enti ka mantai ke pemandai diri, ukai dia meh endur mantai ka ya kaban….To UK n RD frens,sabar meh kitai….maya penguji datai,maya tusah nimpa sigi asai ya…..enda patut ga kitai tusah belama….enda patut ga petara enda nyangkung.Hope semua penyarut tu nadai agi……

  13. hi sapa bala kitai ti deka bekelala enggau bala indu dara ti bajik2 ari Limbang tau kontek aku ngena no HP: ….
    ari aku
    Pengurus indu dara
    Bangkita Limbang,

  14. nuju apai sanu anak sanu,

    namahal tupik nyau kebukai limpang? Anyway tell me more about limbang. Will be moving there soon with no knowledge of the place at all. How’s the house’s rental rate over there? and more about the place please…TQ

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