This need improvement too..!

Eastern Times

I tried to check if they have their website up and running…

Yupp,.. it is available at and hmmm.. the team still gotta check their IT Department. Just a word of advice to the Editor – get a webmaster and a team will ya!

It has been a while since we see a good media website from Sarawak – Ouchh, Borneo Post,.. ya ya..

Malaysian Today – its tough to convince YB Larry Sng but at the end it was 3rd party again. Anyway, the package cost less than RM500,.. so maybe Eastern Times (ET) needs to look into this area.

The global media is looking at online publishing seriously and the readers are turning to the web for fast and uptodate news.

ET has a bigger challenge from the Toman era..

What say you, Davidson,  James Ritchie?

5 thoughts on “This need improvement too..!”

  1. LOL.. it was done using Microsoft Office. Sarawakian media website has always been a letdown. Look at Borneo Post and the previously Sarawak Tribune. Borneo Post has a big IT Dept. and they can’t even produce a decent website.

    On the contrary, ex-ST have a one man IT dept. and they let another company do the website..

    I was doing the Malaysian Today (MT) website before and I have to really push for the idea through my bosses. My editor was OK, but getting the right tool was a major obstacle until my days in the new MT in Kuala Lumpur.

    Well, glad to see part of my effort still stays in the current website of Malaysian Today ( ;)

  2. I look at the Business news..
    Patut ka publish Heading baka tu?
    ” M’sia as int’l Islamic financial centre”

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