Here we go…

I didn’t know Laja was having a press conference on the website yesterday! It was a big headline for me and Vynne :D

Bringing the radio station to the Net is our big contribution for the love of Iban music and I hope my fellow Iban community would support the website with ideas and contributions that can be use to improve the content and programs.

With more interactivity in line, we hope to bring the Wai 10 Chart Show live on the Net and to encourage participation from all Malaysians via SMS voting. Although the Pesan SMS is being handled by DAPAT, it is certainly a hit among young listeners.

With the SMS voting for Wai 10, we hope to see a better competition among the Iban artists. And, with the coming finale in Sibu, we hope to bring to the audience a real time live sms voting just like the Malaysian Idol show over TV8 :D

Bravo RTM Sarawak!!! And, we are proud to be the sponsors of the only Iban radio station in the world ;)

3 thoughts on “Here we go…”

  1. Congratulations on the achievement. This goes to show how important it is to develop the broadband infrastructure in the State so as to reach a wider audience. The TMnet broadband Users Group would be meeting this Friday to come up with recommendations to the TMnet CEO. If there are any suggestions please send them to me. Developing broadband capability beyond the urban boundaries would mean more audience outside the town outskirts.

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