Caught by the .mobi fever

I sent few SMS to Desmond and David last night on the possibility of developing a .mobi mobile website for my readers.

Me: David, how much is the .mobi domain?

David: RM60/year.

Me: Is available?

David: No, taken. 

Me: Yo bro! Any good name for my .mobi site? Something tat can capture s’wakian youth. 

Desmond: Got to sleep on it brader… most catchy names taken. 

First thing first – read the developer’s guidelines first.

This is quite a comprehensive guide to mobile web development. It layers on the advice from the W3C’s Mobile Web Initiative Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0 document, but takes it further. We feel that it is very important to take the base of these best practices and make it more accessible. With this in mind, our developer guide starts by describing the mobile landscape in detail, and the importance of the mobile context. There are code samples and a lot of useful information. We then go on to describe actual techniques for putting together a mobile-friendly site and how to publish it. This guide is designed for developers who are already familiar with web development in general, but now want to try their hand at mobile. For now, the guide does not cover more advanced techniques such as adaptation, but this will come with Part II.