Jalan Pantai perlu diturap semula

Mohon perhatian agensi-agensi yang berkenaan,

Sila rujuk lampiran peta.

  1. Mohon jasa baik kerajaan untuk menaiktaraf atau menurap semula sebahagian daripada Jalan Pantai, iaitu dari simpang ke SMK Lutong hingga ke ‘bump’ berdekatan dengan Taman Bayshore.
  2. Kawasan bertanda A selalu penuh dengan air apabila hujan. Punca – tiada sistem perparitan yang baik.
  3. Kawasan bertanda B jalan kurang rata akibat tanah mendap sebelum dan selepas jambatan kecil di situ.

Sekian, terima kasih.

Rujuk Talikhidmat kes no. 20120410-0034

Feedback from TALIKHIDMAT

10 April 2012 Assigned Agency:

Response from Dato Sebastian Ting via facebook
Good afternoon.. Dear James.. Thank you for your FB message. Has just sms our YB Dato’ Sri Peter Chin on this.. We will look into this matter.. Rgds and thanks again. Seb.

10 April 2012 at 5.10 pm
The case that you had reported is marked as Not Relevant by Sewerage Services Department Sarawak.

New rig constructed offshore, oil men still getting the bumpy ride to work

Bumpy stretch: Junction to SMK Lutong - Old Lutong Airstrip

JAMESJG.COM highlighted the need to improve or upgrade Jalan Pantai on 9th September 2010. We are thankful to Cr. Ek for his inititative, and to ex-YB Andy Chia, the staff of Miri City Council in getting the road infront of Kampung Api Api to be resurfaced.

Non-existence of water inlet

This time round, we wish to highlighted the stretch from the Junction to SMK Lutong towards the Old Lutong Airstrip. That stretch needs to be resurfaced too. Proper water inlets need to be constructed to drain off the pool of water during rainy days.

It has been more than a year and maybe the Miri City Council engineering section need more time to view the road. Obviously, there is no fund to resurface this stretch. Despite what the oil men have done, day and night, leaving their families at home to power the oil and gas industries, the least the government can do is to give them a comfortable ride to and from their offices.

Dato Seri Idris Jala once used to drive along this road daily, we are sure he understand how it feels.

Note: The last time you see poles being erected along Jalan Pantai was before GE12. Is that an indicator of GE13 coming very soon :P


Update on Jalan Pantai, Miri

The Barisan Nasional government is doing its best to improve the condition of Jalan Pantai in Miri. I was informed by our Miri City Council’s councilor that the work will begin sooner than expected. “Very soon, James” he said.

JAMESJG.COM would like to thank JKR Sarawak, YB Datuk Peter Chin, YB Datuk Lee Kim Shin, YB Andy Chia, Cr. Koh Ek Chong and Miri City Council for responding to my Talikhidmat complaint on Jalan Pantai.

We simply just cannot talk at coffee shop and expect the government to hear us from there. Why can’t we be a little proactive and talk to the government straight. Talikhidmat is one of the various channel available to us. Use it!

Well, if you only knows how to belittle the Barisan Nasional, how would you be comfortable to talk to them and voice your complaints? Of course it will be not so nice, isn’t it? Asking for assistance when you have bad mouth them, kan! Wait for your kind of change? Well.. keeping on waiting until the cow comes home then.

We too can be an agent of change, the Barisan Nasional way, of course. Just follow behind lar.. my friend and everything will be alright. You won’t feel the small changes happening, because you always wanted to see major changes. Major changes comes from the micro things we do to improve ourselves (I say it again, ourselves).

Cheers and happy Monday!