The breakfast meeting

This morning a few of my Dayak friends had the opportunity to have breakfast together with our ADUN for Pujut, YB Andy Chia and the man behind Mercy Malaysia Sarawak Chapter, Mr. Benjamin Chai.

The breakfast meeting was a respond to YB Andy’s invitation to discuss issue on the purchase of a shelter home for the rural poor community, who came to Miri for medical treatment.

It was enlightened to hear that a good Samaritan have came forward to offer their home for sale at a price that is within our budget of RM300,000.

I shall not mention any further detail on the purchase, but God bless the family who have generously reduced the price in order for the project to become a reality sooner than expect.

And, myself and my fellow Dayak friends has willingly volunteer to be part of Mercy Malaysia in helping the rural community who needs assistance.

But most importantly, Miri being a stronghold of SUPP, do need the support of Dayaks ministers and leaders from the State and Federal ministries to chip it for the purchase of this building. It is the Dayaks who will use it more often than any other ethnic group.. that’s a gauranteed statement.

Until then.. thank you YB Andy for the great breakfast meeting.

Dayak volunteers needed

Dear friends and fellow Dayaks who are reading this post,

I share with you a respond to my status over at Facebook made by the ADUN for Pujut, YB Andy Chia. The respond was made with regards to the purchase of a building in Miri, by Mercy Malaysia, which shall serve as a shelter for those who needs a temporary place to stay while in Miri.

Andy Chia at 18:33, on 05 January, Facebook

Happy 2009, James.

You know, Mercy Malaysia is raising fund to buy a house to provide temp shelter for family members of those who come to Miri from the interiors to seek medical treatment at the Miri General Hospital. I am the advisor to the Fund Raising Committee. We have Chinese, Malays, Indians, but looks like no Dayak, brother. This home will serve mainly the Dayak community. I think Dayak should volunteer lah, brother, and must help too.

What a wonderful place Miri is, huh? Where got racial barriers? We are all brothers and sisters no matter what colour.

Must catch up for a chat, huh?

All the best!

I feel bad while reading the respond from our YB in Miri.. but maybe, the Dayaks were not inform of this mission earlier by Mercy Malaysia. Hence, I will take the cue and bring some of my Youth Committee to be part of this mission. Personally, I am still in the dark about how to go about with this mission, but, we need to start somewhere and not wait for others to do it.