Spring cleaning my notebook

The year is coming to an end.. and soon I’ll be 41 years old. But the one thing that I need to do at least twice a year is to clean up my notebook. In other word – just do a fresh installation, update the system to latest service pack, reinstall all the application afresh (urgghhh.. and the list of activation procedures).

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Windows Home Server – solution to longhouse connectivity

I received my evaluation copy of Microsoft Windows Home Server last Friday after 17 days of waiting for this consignment to arrive from Singapore.

The package contain three disc namely, the server installation DVD, the Home Server connector CD and the Home Computer Restore CD.

With allocation of up to 10 computers connected and protected, this may be the cheapest solution for longhouses to share their files and getting connected to the upcoming WiMAX broadband. (You need a broadband Internet connection for Home Server to function).

I would love to assist any longhouse (who at the moment have the wireless broadband connectivity).. although its a little slow for a broadband, but it is worth implementing. at least you can check your email!

I will share with you my experience using the Home Server in my post to come.

Features at a glance

  • Digital memories and media stored and organized in a central location
  • Home computers backed up daily, automatically
  • Simple restore of lost files or even entire hard drive contents
  • Complete access to files from both inside and outside the home
  • A secure and personalized website address for sharing photos and home videos
  • Easily add storage space and new software capabilities

Microsoft Windows 7

Ghee… I haven’t really get into the WOW factor of Microsoft Windows Vista yet, and now we are already talking about the next Microsoft’s operating system – codename: Windows 7.0 (obviously the current Vista was coded as Windows 6.0).


The Windows 7 wallpaper pack above was created by Long Z, who designed the famous Vista Aurora wallpaper.

So, what is in Microsoft secret file?
Microsoft is being very secretive about future Windows versions. However, the company has publicly issued a bit of information about the broad capabilities it intends to include in Windows 7.

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