Sunday breezing

Borneo Post Keeping up with the trend
Borneo Post (BP) gave us a new look today but not with the tabloid size that is convenient to read (like those of NST and Star! I am impressed with the team of editors, sub-editors, layout artist and graphic artist. It’s about time they play around with photo cut-outs style.. and probably marking the success of their implementation of Adobe publishing system too (it looks like Adobe InDesign to me).

Borneo Post

The only fall short of BP’s new look is (again, typical Sarawak) the font selection. I guess BP decided to cut the budget on purchasing of fonts. Even, when I was with Malaysian Today, the Management have decided not to buy any fonts and yet spent so much on the Editorial System from Tera Publishing.

I believe the good layout must be supplement by nice looking fonts. At least I have the urge to flip through their Post Mag (the pull out section). Stick with that font family for now and not to use too much fancy fonts and make the section looks like a cheap comic book!

And… they still decide to put on shelf their website! (not so Internet savvy yet huhh… )

MMC one day success!
This sight is common around Morsjaya Commercial Centre. However, yesterday (Saturday) we didn’t get to see this vendor selling their product at the car parks.

Morsjaya Car Park

And, the success came only one day, when today, the vendors are back doing their business as usual. I can’t reason out why Miri City Council (MCC) still fails to manage this fruits and vegetable vendors. Yes, MCC did build a market place near the car park and cemetery but I guess the feng shui is not conducive to the Chinese traders. Or, MCC have failed to promote this market as a common trading place for vendors.

It’s just like some of our shopping mall – Pelita Tunku, who once was a landmark in Miri, but with poor event management, the mall failed to attract Miri residents to shop there and left the place almost dead, if not due to the government agencies who occupied the office floors. How would we able to attract tourist to shop in Miri? We just can’t sell our resort concept without explosive shopping events.

Enough with the car park vendors and poor event management, our traffic lights too need to be review and probably clean of the dust or better still a complete change. It is getting dimmer and dimmer! Drivers could hardly see the green light during bright sunny days. And the obvious traffic lights, are right in front the Miri Residence Office, just a few steps from MCC’s office! Gheeee………

Miri Traffic Lights

On the brighter side, this Sunday, is the vocal Datuk Seri Tiong! I must admire this fella, just like Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik. If only our Dayak MPs and ADUNs are like him, I am sure we could have a better share of the Malaysian Plans. Anyway, not many of us know that Bintulu have a RM16 million budget for road repairs! I think the government agencies are still not transparent enough on their budget (and, I have yet to receive a reply from the email that I sent to the State Implementation and Monitoring Unit – can’t blame the webmaster tho’, it must be a slow mail server orite LOL) Blame it on the protocol!

Road repairs

When they themselves got it wrong!

Miri City Council

Obviously, the brochure wasn’t properly checked for correct information. Or probably the designer was from outside Miri and not knowing the correct URL is

Well, I don’t think its as cepat and as mudah as claim by the MCC Team. With so many small round things to scratch, it took us longer and no many of us who are working have that time to sit down and scratch here and there. We prefer the older one – cucuk here and there and that’s it!

Whatever, it is, we sure need the smallest coin – the One Sen coin to be handy in our cars and not to make mistake cos’ we can’t patch up the mistake!

I would prefer the “touch-n-park” system. Reload coupons be available. All the attendance need to do is just tag it and see if we have enough credit to the coupon.

Overall – I rate this move as “not practical” due to one simple reason – the circles are too small for us to quickly scratch it and not make any mistake.

Hopefully all the senior citizen do not shake their hands too much!

Tombraiders striked again in Miri

News Extract (BP)

It is sad to read the news this morning on this incident. I suggest the various Iban organisation such as Persatuan Dayak Miri, SDNU Miri, SADIA Miri, and SIDS Miri come together and seek appropriate fund not only to get the land for a new cemetry but to paid caretakers for the cleanliness, services, security, etc. following the concept of Nirvana but on a smaller scale.

I know it is a difficult task to combine the four organisation, but the government should put the responsibility of managing the cemetries to one capable organisation.

With funding from the government and commercialising funeral among the Iban, I do not see why we cannot put a stop to this act by the tombraiders!